Wisconsin Business Insurance

Why Get Business Insurance in Wisconsin
Wisconsin is known as “America’s Dairyland” due to the fact it leads the country in the production of cheese. More than 600 varieties produced by the state are bought and consumed by Americans all over the country. For reasons such as this, business owners understand the need to be protected against liability claims. A customer might suddenly complain when a cheese goes bad. A retailer might complain when a shipment fails to arrive at its destination on time. No matter what type of business you have, Wisconsin business insurance offers financial protection to companies large and small. Don’t run the risk of losing all that you have worked so hard to attain by not having the proper coverage. It’s just not worth it!

Worker’s Compensation in Wisconsin
In accordance with Wisconsin’s Worker’s Compensation Program, any employee who is injured while at work can receive benefits. Worker’s compensation benefits actually overlap with social security benefits but in most states, more money is involved under the worker’s compensation program. In fact, the provision of the worker’s compensation for disability is for a full year with no requirement needed and therefore the benefits start immediately. Moreover, all medical bills are paid under the Wisconsin worker’s compensation program. Assuming that the injured employee will recover at some point, the benefits are divided into two time periods: the temporary disability period and the permanent disability period with the same goal of providing benefits to injured workers.

Coverage for Wisconsin Business Insurance
Bankruptcy is something that no Wisconsin business owner wants to experience. Without comprehensive business insurance, liability claims can bankrupt a company. It provides your company with the necessary financial protection against liability claims.

There are three main types of protection covered by Wisconsin business liability insurance:

  • General liability – offers protection against lawsuits when services cause injury, a product you manufactured causes injury or even death or someone sustains injuries within the business premises.
  • Professional liability- offers coverage to professionals such as lawyers and doctors.
  • Advertising industry liability- offers protection to companies who provide creative services.

Furthermore, companies which use many vehicles in their business operations may also be covered by Wisconsin business liability insurance. This specific part of Wisconsin liability insurance shields the employer when an employee sustains injuries, causes damages or injures someone while he or she is driving an employee-owned vehicle.

Another optional coverage for your Wisconsin business liability insurance policy is employer’s liability. This type of coverage will guard you against work-related accidents and claims involving discrepancies of wages and number of hours worked.

When choosing an insurance policy, it makes good business sense to speak with several different insurance companies and compare rates and quotes. This can be done from the comfort of your home or office at any time. Protect your valuable investment by selecting the proper coverage for your business and its employees. The cost is small when compared to the possibility of having to pay for claims out of pocket.