West Virginia Business Insurance

Why Get Business Insurance in West Virginia
West Virginia has an abundance of beautiful landscapes. Navigating around the state is almost impossible without bridges such as the New River Gorge Bridge. A metaphorical bridge is what your business needs to get off the ground and grow without worrying about the perils below.

West Virginia business insurance is designed for whatever industry your business is engaged in. It is important to have adequate coverage because no business is immune to lawsuits. You might be caught off guard when you receive a lawsuit from a customer who feels that he or she was injured by one of your employees or by your product. Lawsuits such as these can bankrupt a company which isn’t fully protected with West Virginia liability insurance coverage. Furthermore, you can never predict when a disaster such as a storm or a fire might occur and quickly destroy all of your assets.

Worker’s Compensation in West Virginia
West Virginia’s system of worker’s compensation is compulsory. With few exceptions, employers are mandated by the state of West Virginia to provide worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. Procurement of worker’s compensation insurance may be through state fund or employers may self-insure. Waivers are not allowed.

The following employers are exempt from the state’s worker’s compensation act:

  • Casual employers with less than three employees
  • Agricultural employers with less than six employees

It is not compulsory but employers of domestic servants may provide worker’s compensation coverage voluntarily. Entitled employees for worker’s compensation benefits may receive full medical benefits without time or monetary limits, disability and even death benefits for the employee’s dependents in case of death.

Coverage for West Virginia Business Insurance
One form of business insurance available to West Virginia business owners is automobile coverage. Due to the fact that automobile accidents do happen, obtaining automobile coverage as a part of your West Virginia business liability insurance is very important. This protection is necessary especially when you are using vehicles for your daily business-related operations.

Every West Virginia business needs business liability insurance for protection. This insurance protects your business against any injuries that may happen on the business premises as well as property damages that your business may cause to an individual. Having business insurance coverage keeps you from having to pay for the damages either personally or from the business funds. West Virginia general liability insurance will cover you against a wide range of lawsuits. You may also consider increasing your coverage in other areas that relate to your business.

Employer’s liability insurance covers an employer against things such as disputes on wages and number of hours worked as well as discrimination lawsuits, and other types of employee complaints. It does not matter whether you hire contractors or temporary employees, the need for employer’s liability coverage as part of your West Virginia business liability insurance is just as important. When someone is working for you, anything can happen. Be sure that you are adequately prepared for any claim made against you.

When choosing an insurance policy, it makes good business sense to speak with several different insurance companies and compare rates and quotes. This can be done from your home or office at any time of the day or night. Protect your valuable investment be selecting the proper coverage for your business and its employees. The cost is small when compared to the possibility of having to pay for claims out of pocket.