Nebraska Insurance

Finding insurance in Nebraska that is both affordable and appropriate to your needs can be a trying task. Regardless of the type of insurance you seek, you should make a conscious effort to educate yourself as much as possible before making your purchase. Knowing how insurance policies are structured, what exclusions apply to certain situations, and how to best limit your premium outlays is the key to finding the coverage that is right for you.

Nebraska has placed minimum coverage limits on their residents, requiring them to carry at least a certain amount of coverage in order to drive legally. The insurance companies that do business in Nebraska are well aware of these limits and have plans in place to ensure that you are adequately covered. Not every insurance company is created equal, however, and you should research both the companies and their policies in order to find the combination that works for your budget. Taking an active role in finding your own Nebraska insurance quotes is the best way to be thought of as a valued client.

Nebraska Insurance Resources

  • If you want to learn more about the insurance industry in the state of Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Insurance regulates and controls all the insurance companies in the state. Each company must abide by the Department’s laws, and must receive approval from the state before making changes to their policies or premiums. The Department of Insurance can be reached at
  • The Nebraska Division of Motor Vehicles tracks and reports on driver safety and histories. They report moving violations and other infractions directly to the insurance company, so if you get into an accident, your insurer will know about it. You can request a copy of your report and driving history by visiting
  • If you want a comprehensive way of understanding the insurance industry within Nebraska, contact Nebraska Insurance Consumer Information. This organization provides a “Getting Smart About Insurance” brochure that can provide a great deal of information to those new to the insurance industry. You can find their information at
  • The insurance industry within Nebraska is complex. You can read about the various laws and statutes, thereby better understanding how things work, by visiting

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