Maine Motorcycle Insurance

Why Get Motorcycle Insurance in Maine
Motorcycles are undeniably a pleasure to drive. But given their relative light weight and small size, an accident involving a motorcycle can cause serious injury and damage to both the driver and the vehicle. Motorcycle insurance protects owners by paying for damages resulting from an accident. These can be both property damage and physical damage. Imagine not having the proper coverage and having to pay the cost of repairing your motorcycle or replacing it altogether. Then add in medical expenses for injuries. For most people, this would mean financial ruin. This is why it is extremely important to drive safely at all times and to have adequate motorcycle insurance coverage.

There is also a high number of motor vehicle thefts according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau Statistics of Maine. An alarming fact is that only 20-25% of motorcycles stolen are recovered. A good motorcycle insurance policy will also protect you against loss or damage due to theft, vandalism, and many natural and weather-related disasters.

Motorcycle Riding in Maine

  • In Maine, a motorcycle is defined as:
  • Two or Three-wheeled vehicle
  • Larger than 10 inches in diameter
  • Motor engine capacity of more than 50 cc
  • Electric motor of 1,500 or more watts

As in many other states, a motorcycle license can be added to your regular driver’s license in Maine. To do this requires: passing a road test, enrolling in and completing a 15 hour hands-on-cycle course or an eight-hour classroom-only course.

Requirements for the Registration of Dealer-purchased Motorcycles:

  • Payment of excise tax at the town office
  • Payment of registration fees based on the selected type of plate
  • Green dealer’s certificate
  • Blue title application
  • Proof of insurance
  • Yellow and White copy of the registration application
  • Excise tax receipt

Requirements for Registration of Private sale-purchased Motorcycles:

  • Signed bill of sale
  • Signed title to the new owner from the former owner (1995 model or newer vehicles)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Yellow and White copy of the registration application
  • Excise tax receipt

Maine’s Motorcycle License Requirements:

  • Motorcycle permit application
  • Written and Road Tests
  • $10 exam fee, permit and license application
  • $30 fee for a photo license

A standardized National Motorcycle Rider Course is offered by the state of Maine as an alternative to the state’s BMV road test. This is a 15-hour course which is conducted by various state-approved private drivers’ education schools.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in Maine
Maine currently requires higher liability minimum coverage amounts for motorcycle owners than most other states. These are:

  • $50,000 for bodily injury of one person
  • $100,000 for bodily injury of all injured parties
  • $25,000 for property damage in one accident