Kentucky Motorcycle Insurance

Why Get Motorcycle Insurance in Kentucky
Motorcycle insurance is not a choice. Kentucky law requires that all motorcycle drivers carry adequate insurance coverage to legally drive within the state. Motorcycle insurance is designed to provide owners the coverage they need (financial protection) if they are ever involved in an accident or other covered situation. Basically, it protects a motorcycle and its owner in the event of a loss, theft or damages. Aside from the standard types of coverage usually found in motorcycle policies, such as bodily injury liability, property damage liability, medical payments, collision and comprehensive coverage, insurance companies also offer additional protection packages. Be a smart and safe motorcycle driver by having the proper insurance coverage to legally drive on Kentucky’s highways.

Motorcycle Riding in Kentucky
The minimum age requirement to be eligible to apply for a valid motorcycle drivers’ license in Kentucky is 18 years old. An applicant who is under 18 years of age can only apply for a motorcycle instructional permit with a signed consent from his or her parent or legal guardian.

In order to legally operate a motorcycle in Kentucky, both a valid regular driver’s license with motorcycle operator’s endorsement combined with a motorcycle license or instructional permit are required.

Motorcycle License Requirements

  • Valid motorcycle operator’s license
  • Payment of Fees:
    • $30 fee with a regular driver’s license
    • $24 fee for a motorcycle-only license.
  • Application for driver’s license
  • General Knowledge Written Exam
  • Eye Screening Test

Minimum Insurance Requirements in Kentucky
The state laws of Kentucky differ somewhat from other states when it comes to motorcycle insurance. Although Kentucky does require all motorcycle owners to purchase motorcycle insurance coverage, generally referred to as a split limit policy, Kentucky also offers motorcycles owners the option of obtaining a single limit policy.

Split Limit Policies – with minimum state requirements for bodily injury protection as follows:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury of one person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury of all injured parties
  • $10,000 for property damage in one accident

Single Limit Policies – with minimum required coverage of $60,000 for all damages which includes both bodily injury and property damages.