Kansas Home Insurance

It’s safe to say that most consumers don’t know a lot about Kansas home insurance! But when you stop to consider that your home is probably your greatest financial investment (and also your greatest financial asset), it is very apparent that you need to choose your Kansas home insurance wisely.

A home insurance policy basically covers your home and personal property in the event a disaster strikes. This can be in the form of storm damage, fire, theft, and even liability protection for accidents that can occur to someone while on your property (no one like to think of someone falling on their sidewalk or deck, but unfortunately, it does happen).

It can be rather intimidating to search through all the various Kansas home insurance companies and understand all the different types of policies available. You want to be sure you are getting all the coverage you need and expect and this means being armed with information!

For example, many people think their policies cover their loss when storms or other natural disasters strike. But the truth is many insurance companies consider coverage for earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. “extra”. This means that unless you specifically have written in coverage for these occurrences, you most likely are not covered.

Your policy has to include them separately and usually at an additional cost. Also, you need to carefully consider the replacement cost of your personal property. Some insurance companies require you to list high value items separately, such as jewelry, artwork, antiques, etc. and have these pieces specifically named in the policy.

Remember, too, that there are some things you can do personally to prevent loss and minimize damages. These include installing and maintaining smoke alarms, installing a security system, keeping your home and yard free of debris, and placing fire extinguishers throughout your home.

Just these small steps can make a big difference in lowering your Kansas home insurance premiums! When you have decided what type of policy is right for you, contact insuranceUSA.com for reliable, affordable quotes!

Choosing Your Kansas Home Insurance Policy
There are several different options to look at when you are shopping for a Kansas home insurance policy. Following are brief descriptions of each type of policy, but InsuranceUSA.com can explain the available for Kansas home insurance policy options and help you find the very best fit for your needs. In a nutshell, the policy categories are:

Homeowner’s -1 (HO-1): This type of Kansas home insurance policy is actually offered by very few insurers because it has very narrow definitions. This type of Kansas home insurance policy covers many types of damage, including fire, smoke, lightning, wind, hail, burglary, theft, breaking glass, bodily injury and vandalism. It also covers medical payments, personal property and living expenses if you have to live away from home for a limited amount of time due to damage.

Homeowner’s-2 (HO-2); This Kansas home insurance policy option covers everything listed in HO-1, as well we damage from falling objects, ice or snow, water from the plumbing system, damage to appliances, and leaks or ruptures from water heaters.

Homeowner’s-3 (HO-3): This Kansas home insurance policy is often called the Special Form Policy. It is the most widely used Kansas home insurance policy. This covers your home for most types of risks of physical loss, such as floods or earthquakes. You must read this policy very carefully so that you know exactly what is included in the coverage.

Tenant’s/Cooperative Owner’s (HO-4): This Kansas home insurance policy option is designed to insure an apartment’s contents, as well as offering personal liability for injuries that occur in the unit.

Homeowner’sw-5 (HO-5): This Kansas home insurance policy offers the same coverage as HO-3, but it also covers personal possessions for risk of physical loss. This type of protection can be added onto the HO-3 policy as a special personal property clause.

Condominium Unit Owner’s (HO-6): this for of Kansas home insurance policy offers the same coverage as HO-4, but it is designed for insuring condominiums.

Homeowner’s-8 (HO-8): This is a modified version of Kansas home insurance policy HO-1 and it provides an actual cash value coverage instead of replacement cost. This type of insurance is usually for older homes, where the property exceeds the market value.

Kansas home insurance policy options are generally divided into two categories: a monoline or a package policy. The monoline policy only contains one type of coverage. The package policy includes several different types of coverage, based on the requirements of the policyholder. It is generally a better deal financially to invest in a package policy.

Let insuranceUSA.com help you decide which type of Kansas home insurance policy is just right for you!

How Much Kansas Home Insurance Do you Need?
You may be asking how much Kansas home insurance do I need? The answer is only as much as needed to cover a loss but not so much that you can’t afford the premiums. Most insurers will ask you have your house appraised by a professional home inspector before they’ll write you a policy.

Furthermore, you will want to compile an inventory of all your major possessions such as furniture and appliances. Hang onto your receipts and take photographs. Also, update your policy at least once-a year or whenever you make any changes.

Should you ever have questions or concerns about your Kansas home insurance, make sure you contact your insurer for answers. And remember, InsuranceUSA.com is a great place to research Kansas home insurance and request a free quote!

Non-Renewals and Policy Cancellations
An insurance company cannot simply cancel an Kansas home insurance policy and it must remain in effect for the “term period” provided nothing warrants its legal cancellation. Possible reasons for an insurance company discontinuing coverage during the term period include:

  • Non-payment of premiums
  • Felony conviction
  • Modifying a residence so as to make it uninsurable
  • Creating unsafe conditions at the property
  • Committing fraud or otherwise submitting false claims

After the policy term period is over, an insurance company can cancel or not renew a policy for any legal reason. In such an event, adequate written notice must be provided prior to the cancellation or non-renewal.

Acquiring the Kansas Home Insurance that you need
Checking to see if the insurer that you are interested in acquiring your Kansas home insurance is from is legitimate is the first step in the process. If you don’t know the reputation and legitimacy of the provider just request a copy of their Kansas home insurance certificate. This will give you their official license number.

A questionnaire will be given to your by the insurers that you consider using. Make sure that you fill this in completely so that the insurer can tailor the insurance offered to you to your specific needs.
Service is as important as price when it comes to Kansas home insurance. The cheapest isn’t always the best option. You don’t want to have to wait a long time for a response if the need to file a claim arises.

Acquiring Kansas Home Insurance using the Internet
Comparison shopping when buying Kansas home insurance is very important. One way to do this is to shop on-line. You can either use individual companies or else you can buy your Kansas home insurance using InsuranceUSA. Just complete the forms fully and accurately and you will get a quote that suits your needs.

Price should not be your only consideration when buying Kansas home insurance. You also need to be happy with the service levels of the company that you are thinking about buying your home insurance from. They should be responsive and deal with you quickly and fairly.