Kansas Business Insurance

Why Get Business Insurance in Kansas
Kansas is one of the states in the country that experiences the real danger of tornadoes with alarming frequency. More than 50 tornadoes bear down on the state yearly. Many times, these are very strong category storms which can cause severe destruction in a matter of minutes. The wind, hail, and rain damage associated with these tornadoes can quickly destroy buildings, trees, and most everything in the storm’s path. That’s why it is so important for Kansas business owners to purchase liability insurance to protect their investment. Without it, you could be faced with having to rebuild your business literally from the ground up, using your own personal assets and funds. Not many people are in a position to do this. Why take such a risk with your hard-earned business? Kansas business liability insurance provides business owners with protection from all types of catastrophic events- accidents, weather-related damages, and lawsuits. As a side note, wind damage protection may need to be added to your basic policy to guarantee adequate coverage. Also, flood insurance policies are typically handled through a federal agency.

Worker’s Compensation in Kansas
The Worker’s Compensation Law in the state of Kansas is clear and simple. This state program requires all employers in the state of Kansas to provide worker’s compensation insurance to all their employees. The law is designed to provide access to medical treatment and payments in cash if and when an employee is injured or suffers an illness due to a work-related accident. This program is compulsory in Kansas.

Aside from the medical benefits which are available through Kansas Worker’s Compensation, the injured employee is also entitled to payments for lost wages. The worker will receive a monetary payment weekly provided by the employer or the insurance company until he or she is able to resume work.

Kansas also provides payments for several types of disability. One example of this is Total Permanent Disability, the most severe type of disability. Once a worker is granted this type of disability benefit, it signifies that despite completion of all reasonable treatment for the injury sustained, the injured worker will be unable to return back to work in the same capacity. It also means that the injured worker will most likely not be able to seek any type of viable employment in the future.

Coverage for Kansas Business Insurance
Kansas business liability insurance can provide protection to businesses for all types of situations and claims. A comprehensive policy does this by:

  • Paying for court expenses in case of a lawsuit
  • Paying for damages to someone who is injured on your business premises
  • Paying for property damage due to both situations occurring at the same time
  • Protecting injured customers by paying for their medical expenses as a result of an accident when someone else is at fault

The amount of your premium is also influenced by what type of business you own. It is common knowledge that some industries in Kansas are more prone to lawsuits than others. Any business which is in a high risk category can expect to have higher premium costs than one that is not. For instance, a company that operates a lot of heavy machinery will probably cost more to insure than a small retail store. Insurance companies use statistics and their own underwriters’ information to calculate what they charge business owners for general liability insurance coverage and other additional types of insurance.

Using a private insurance carrier can be advantageous because it is easy to compare options and costs online. This allows business owners to quickly and securely find the best low-cost business insurance in Kansas. Ask about the different types of coverage offered to business owners and see if you qualify for any discounts. Be certain that you and your assets are fully protected in the event of a claim.