Idaho Insurance

Idaho, like many other US states, can get pretty expensive if you are shopping around for insurance policies. You have to really educate yourself about the options and variations before making a decision about insurance that could cost you a lot of your hard-earned money.

Be aware of all those details that don’t at first seem important, but will affect the quality of your insurance policy: details like exclusions, discounts, deductibles, and limitations. Idaho, along with other states, dictates certain coverage minimums for some types of insurance such as that appropriate to automobiles. When you feel that you are ready to research Idaho insurance to determine what will best suit your individual needs and requirements, you can make use of the following resources:

  • Idaho Division of Insurance
    ( – Website spelling out the regulations, laws, and policies relevant to car insurance in Idaho.
  • Idaho Insurance Laws ( – Online source for Idaho’s insurance code.
  • Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Motor Vehicles
    ( – Collection of links to automobile laws in the state, plus online services related to vehicle registration and driver licensing.
  • Idaho Health Insurance Information
    ( – helpful guide for consumers to health insurance options in Idaho; data for families, individuals, and employers.

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