Georgia Business Insurance

Why Get Business Insurance in Georgia
The city of Atlanta is home to many Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of thousands of other businesses. All of these companies, both large and small, need to be protected with business liability insurance. Lawsuits and the resulting settlements can take a heavy toll on any company’s financial reserves. Small businesses are especially at risk since being forced to pay one big settlement could literally bankrupt them. With the proper insurance coverage, business owners can have one less thing to worry about. If an accident ever happens involving an employee, a customer, or even a visitor, you can be assured that the insurance policy you have will pay for the damages, including medical expenses and lost wages. Why risk losing everything you have worked so hard for by cutting corners with your insurance coverage?

Worker’s Compensation in Georgia
The laws regarding worker’s compensation laws in Georgia are rather complicated. The state requires every business owner with at least three employees to purchase a worker’s compensation policy. Factors influencing the costs of worker’s compensation include the costs of salaries and wages and risks involved in the performance of the job. For example, a granite factory business has added risks when compared to a television station. Overall, the worker’s compensation law is beneficial not just to the injured employee but to the employer as well.

Coverage for Georgia Business Insurance
Usually, the final verdict for a settlement is based on the damages which the injured person sustains. For example, if an accident happens where your forklift operator accidentally injures a visitor on your premises, a total award of $100,000 for medical treatment including facial surgeries would not be uncommon. Also, the employer can be sued for an additional $100,000.

With Georgia business liability insurance coverage, the $100,000 in damages will be paid for by the liability insurance provider. It’s easy to see why having adequate liability insurance is so important for all Georgia business owners. Another coverage option worth considering is advertising injury. This type of coverage protects you when a comparison advertisement you run causes financial damage to another business competitor.

When you are looking for business insurance coverage, it’s smart to shop around and compare prices and coverage options. As a business owner, the final decision as to what type of coverage (and the resulting cost) is up to you. Your goal is to fully protect both you and your assets in the event of a lawsuit, claim, or covered natural disaster. Don’t risk losing everything you have worked so hard to attain by being uninsured or underinsured. Protect yourself, your business, and your success by purchasing adequate Georgia business liability insurance.