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There are very large numbers of people who are simply paying too much money needlessly for Vancouver car insurance premiums.

The reason why so many people pay excessive amounts for Vancouver car insurance premiums is because they mistakenly believe that auto insurers all charge equivalent premiums for the same coverage. The other reason is that drivers who have a long, or clean record believe that they have no reason to shop around, and that it is only worthwhile for new drivers or those that have committed driving offenses.

These two concepts are both incorrect; all drivers need to shop around for their insurance needs, and would be a good place to start.

There is another mistaken idea that there is actually no such thing as cheap car insurance for Vancouver residents. Well it’s not free, but there are substantial savings to be made over just taking your existing company’s quote, without shopping around at for a lower rate.

Granted searching for cheap auto insurance is not the sexiest or most exciting prospect, but it could save you lots of your hard earned dollars, if you just take a few seconds to read further.

A recent survey charged over 8,000 members of the public with the task of looking for Vancouver auto insurance quotes online. Each of these members of the public had to gather quotes for their particular situation from as many as 10 different insurers. The results showed that the participants were able to make significant savings compared to their existing company; many saved several hundred dollars a year in premiums, and you could try the same thing now with

This survey proved that it is very possible for Canadians including Vancouver residents to make very significant savings by just taking a little time to search for better quotes.

You might not want to take the time to look up quotes from 10 separate companies who offer Vancouver car insurance. That’s why you may want to opt for using the services of to check out several providers with just one application form. They can search the best available companies to give you a quote from a respected Vancouver, or Canada-wide, car insurer.