Canada Quebec offers Quebec car insurance quotes and rates for residents of Quebec. Private insurers as well as a government insurer deliver auto insurance to residents of Quebec. In Quebec, it is up to private insurers to offer coverage to drivers for any property damage that may occur in an accident, while the government insurer gives a resident of Quebec coverage that applies to any injuries that individuals may receive if and when a vehicular accident occurs.

In Quebec, consumers do not have the right to sue any driver that is at fault for an accident, for pain, suffering, any incurred medical expenses, or additional expenses that are the direct result of an accident because of the existing no-fault system that is in place in Quebec. Consumers interested in seeking out information about the no-fault system in Quebec can pay a visit to The Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec website available at for further, detailed information.

For consumers in Quebec, there are over 100 private insurers offering auto insurance coverage. The latter auto insurance policies cover property damage when an accident unfortunately occurs. can help consumers in Quebec find the best prices being offered by private insurers because the private insurers are constantly competing for the consumer’s business. The competition that exists among private insurers results in various auto insurance prices, which can differ immensely, for the same coverage. By visiting consumers living in Quebec can get multiple price quotes on the insurance being offered by private insurers and therefore easily evaluate the quotes so that they can get the lowest costing insurance available in Quebec.

Quebec law requires that a driver has the right amount of liability coverage to cover driver and passengers both inside and outside Quebec for events that result in property damage and personal injuries. While there’s no getting around the fact that the law demands that every driver in Quebec has the required third-party auto liability insurance, Quebec drivers can still get access to affordable, practical car insurance rates thanks to In addition, reasonable rates can be found for consumers seeking additional insurance coverage to add to the required liability insurance coverage that every driver in Quebec must have.

Quebec Car Insurance Requirements
The Automobile Insurance Act has set forth the regulation that vehicle owners and operators living in Quebec have to have civil liability insurance a $50,000 which covers property damage in the event of an accident. Consumers can access detailed information about Quebec’s auto insurance requirements via IBC’s Quebec regional office which is available on the Internet at