Canada Prince Edward Island offers Prince Edward Island car insurance quotes and rates for residents of Prince Edward Island.

Car insurance on Prince Edward Island is available from in excess of 50 individual companies that are competing for clients by creating a range of coverage, service, and pricing options. All drivers on Prince Edward Island must legally have at least the minimum required insurance. Purchasing the correct car insurance coverage for your needs is very important to anyone who relies on their vehicle for transportation. When residents are unfortunate enough to become involved in an accident, it is the insurance provider that will support their needs financially should they be too injured to work. Insurance will also offer financial protection if they injure someone who then takes legal action.

Each Canadian provincial government has decided the level of mandatory insurance coverage required for each driver. The problem is to find the best balance between cost to drivers and protection for those who may be injured.

Changes to the Prince Edward Island car insurance rules took effect at the end of 2003. These changes have improved the balance of cost and coverage for residents of Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island Auto & Car Insurance Coverage 
For Prince Edward Island, the minimum coverage plans from or other reputable insurers will provide the following benefits.

If Your Driving Is Responsible For Someone Else’s Losses:
If a car crash is deemed your responsibility, the injured party may take legal action against you for perhaps injury or death, or for damage caused to their property. Your insurance provider is bound to provide you with not less than $200,000 for any compensation legally awarded against you. If the judgment includes both personal injury and property damage, then the maximum amount of coverage is still $200,000, and your provider is only liable for $10,000 for the property damage claim.

If You Are Injured In A Car Crash:
These are the entitlements:

If You Need Medical Care:
You medical bills are covered up to $25,000 per person, including after care treatment. The insurance company is only liable to pay after your health insurance has reached its maximum payout amount, and for no longer than four years.

If Your Injury Causes You To Miss Work:
The insurance provider will cover up to $140 each week for two years if your injury is not deemed permanent, and for life if your injuries leave you permanently disabled.

Unemployed people may receive $70 each week up to a maximum of 12 weeks, but only if your injuries prevent you from performing your regular functions.

You are not eligible for these payments for the first 7 days of disability.

If You Are Killed In A Car Crash: 
No matter who is deemed responsible, your loved ones are entitled to an amount of money. The exact figure will depend on your age at the time, the number of financial dependents you have, and your financial status within the family.

If you financially support your family and you should die within six months of an accident (alternatively a period of two years if you are permanently disabled by the accident prior to your demise), your spouse or dependant children would receive $10,000. If you have more than one financial dependant, you would be entitled to an additional $1,000 for each additional dependant.

If You Want More Than The Minimum Coverage:
You can opt to purchase additional car insurance coverage for items such as theft, or other damage to your vehicle. You may also purchase higher limits on the individual parts of the available coverage from or other providers.