Canada New Brunswick offers New Brunswick car insurance quotes and rates for residents of New Brunswick. Over 65 private auto insurance companies, such as, provide New Brunswick auto insurance, and they all are competing for customers, as they offer various coverage types, prices, and services. New Brunswick drivers are required by law to have a minimum amount of auto insurance, and can purchase more insurance in order to fit their driving needs. can provide you with all your auto insurance needs.

New Brunswick auto insurance with the right coverage is vital for people that need to drive. When New Brunswick residents are involved in auto accidents, the insurance companies that cover them can help them receive better support, if as a result of the accident, they cannot work. The insurance companies will also help them financially if they are sued because of the auto accident.

The provincial governments of Canada make the decisions on the mandatory benefits that are included in auto insurance products. The key is to find balance between affordable auto insurance and the right amount of coverage for those making a claim. For example, if the provincial government makes a generous auto insurance product, it may be too expensive for many drivers to afford.

In July 2003, there were changes to the auto insurance system of New Brunswick, which helped improve the balance between receiving affordable coverage and receiving the right amount of coverage (see auto reforms). However, more can be done, as is being done, to make sure that New Brunswick residents are getting the best coverage and best price for their auto insurance.

Required New Brunswick Auto & Car Insurance Coverage
There is a minimum amount of auto insurance required to register your car in New Brunswick.

As an insured driver, you are entitled to the following:

If Your Driving Is Responsible For Someone Else’s Losses:
If you are responsible for an auto accident and are then sued for either someone’s injury or death, or you have damaged property, the insurance company will cover you up to $200,000 in a legal settlement or court award against you. If there is an auto accident and you are sued for injury damage and property damage and the total claim is $200,000 or more, the insurance company will not pay more than $20,000 for property damage because of the accident.

(If somebody sued you and you had no insurance, you would be responsible for all these costs yourself.)

If You Are Injured In A Car Accident:
You’re entitled to the following benefits, regardless of who is responsible for the accident:

If You Need Medical Care:
The insurance company that covers you will pay your medical bills, up to $50,000 per person, which also includes rehabilitation costs. The insurer that you use will only pay after any other health insurance benefits have been exhausted, but only up to 4 years.

If Your Injury Causes You To Miss Work:
The insurance company that covers you will pay up to $250 weekly for up to 2 years if you are disabled because of the accident. If you are disabled permanently, you will receive weekly payments for the rest of your life. If you are an adult and do not have any employment prior to your injury, you may still receive $100 a week for one year. After the first 7 days of your disability, you will begin to receive this benefit.

If You Are Killed In A Car Crash:
Regardless of who is responsible for the auto accident, your family is entitled to funds if you die because of the accident. If you provided the most financial support to the household and you pass away within 180 days from the time the accident occurred, or 2 years if you were disabled continuously from the injury before you passed away, your spouse and a dependent child, will receive $50,000. A dependent child usually means a child under the age of 18 and living with you. Your family will receive an extra $1,000 for each additional dependent child after the first if you have more than one.

If your spouse passes away in an auto accident, your family receives $25,000. If a child that is your dependent passes away in an auto accident, your family will then receive $5,000.

There is also $2,500 available for funeral expenses.

Suing The Responsible Driver:
If you feel that another driver is responsible for either your injuries or damage to your property because of an accident, you (or your family) may sue the driver for compensation beyond the limits that have been mentioned above. You can also make a claim against them for the pain and suffering the accident has caused you. However, if you suffer only a minor injury, the maximum award you will receive is $2,500. If the injuries you sustained in the accidents are not considered minor, then this limit does not apply.

No Frills
A “no frills” auto insurance policy became available in January of 2005. This type of policy was specifically designed for drivers that do not need the full auto insurance coverage that was previously required by law. For example, people that are retired and do not have an income, under the No Frills policy, are not entitled to benefits of income replacement.
Legislation is pending to repeal this policy.

For more information about whether this option is right for your situation, you should talk to your insurance representative. There are many insurance representatives at that can help you to find out if this option is for you.
If You Want More Than The Minimum Coverage:

You can choose to purchase additional auto insurance protection to cover such things as auto theft, vandalism to your auto, or other damage to your auto. You can also purchase higher limits for some of the coverage that is explained above.