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Interestingly enough, some Montreal residents continue to pay too much for the car insurance that they have on their vehicles; the reason being the notion that car insurance premiums cannot be adjusted and are not variable. Meanwhile, other Montreal consumers think that once they’ve purchased an insurance policy it’s no longer necessary to shop around for lower rates because there are none available. Both of the latter assumptions are incorrect; insurance premiums are variable and a number of different factors reflect on and influence the rates that Montreal consumers receive.

Shopping for car insurance is an act that should be conducted on a regular basis. Each year, different laws, and a number of other influential factors will affect car insurance rates, and if the consumer is not careful and does not remain aware of changes that influence car insurance premiums, he or she can end up paying more than is necessary. Even less-than-perfect drivers should partake in regular car insurance premium shopping: it could end up saving them a substantial amount of money on insurance.

Some residents of Montreal falsely believe that cheap car insurance is nothing more than a myth. In truth, by taking several minutes to conduct research every consumer in Montreal can lower insurance costs. While this fact they seem unbelievable, a visit to will prove differently. There were 8000 individuals questioned in a survey in the year 2006; the survey examined the car insurance quotes that Montreal residents were receiving online and all the quotes were based on the same amount of coverage. What’s so amazing about the 2006 study is that it exposed some considerable truths about car insurance costs. Primarily, car insurance costs are extremely flexible, vary from one provider to the next, it is therefore possible to get an all-time low premium. In fact the study revealed that consumers were receiving quotes that varied as much as $900.

Now, no consumer would ever take the time to call 10 different insurance providers to see what kind of quotes they can possibly offer; the latter endeavor would take far too much time. However, makes it possible to query 10 different competitive insurance carriers in a very short time. Via Internet access, any consumer Montreal or Canada can get multiple insurance quotes immediately and not waste a single moment doing so.