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Many people pay their renewal premium when it comes time, without ever considering if a cheaper Calgary car insurance quote is available.

The reason that so many individuals pay higher Calgary car insurance premiums is that they are of the opinion that all companies charge more or less the same premium for the same coverage; this simply isn’t true. They may also think that looking for a lower rate is pointless if they have a good driving record, so there probably isn’t that much money to be saved.

If these are also your beliefs, then you would be mistaken; shopping around in Calgary, or any other part of Canada, for car insurance is always a worthwhile exercise. You need to shop around for the best quote to make significant savings; your existing company will not give you a lower rate, as they already have your business.

Looking for car insurance is not the most fun prospect, but it could save you a lot of money. For example, a survey taken out by national insurance company, asked around 8,000 prospective car insurance purchasers to individually search for as many as 10 different Canadian car insurance companies.

Everyone obtained quotes for almost identical coverage, same age, same vehicle, and so on. When the results were studied, it was discovered that the savings were very significant indeed, with some companies being able to offer rates many hundreds of dollars lower than others, as much as $900 lower.

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