Canada British Columbia offers British Columbia car insurance quotes and rates for residents of British Columbia. While most Canadian provinces allow residents to pick between multiple insurance companies when purchasing auto insurance, British Columbia is different. With the introduction of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) in 1973, residents of this Canadian province have little choice when comes to car insurance. They cannot simply choose to change companies if they are unsatisfied with the services they get from the ICBC. However, when it comes to optional coverage, those who call British Columbia home have more options.

While optional coverage is available from sources such as, those who live in British Columbia must still purchase their primary policies from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. This came about following the BC government’s 2001 election campaign where politicians made a commitment to allow for increased competition in the province. is a great resource for residents of British Columbia who are interested in purchasing additional options that go beyond the basic services provided by the ICBC. Choosing private sector car insurance allows those living in BC to have some of the same freedoms as residents of other Canadian provinces. Collision, fire, and theft insurance are just a few of the additional options that can be purchased through Private insurance companies understand that not all driver needs are the same; therefore, they can design policies specific to the individual rather than the mass.

Required British Columbia Auto & Car Insurance Coverage
Residents of British Columbia are required to purchase what is known as “Basic” coverage from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). This minimum car insurance requires drivers to carry $200,000 of Third Party Legal Liability Coverage. It also requires drivers to have coverage to pay for medical expenses that are the direct result of an accident.

Basic coverage provided by the ICBC provides drivers with the following services:

If Your Driving Is Responsible For Someone Else’s Losses:
Drivers who are involved in auto accidents are sometimes sued for causing injury or death to others. In the event that this occurs, the basic coverage provided by ICBC provides $200,000 toward settlement or a ruling against you. In the event that the total amount awarded is less than $200,000, the remainder falls to the driver to pay out of pocket. This is where private sector third part insurance can be valuable. If you choose to purchase above the minimum coverage, then any additional settlements can be taken from the secondary coverage.

If You Are Injured In A Car Crash:
ICBC car insurance coverage provides the following services to all those injured in an automobile accident. This coverage is provided regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

If You Need Medical Care:
In the event that you are injured in an automotive accident, the basic coverage provided by ICBC is up to $150,000 per injured person, which includes rehabilitation costs. This payout is only guaranteed in the event that all other sources of health insurance have been used to their capacity.

If Your Injury Causes You To Miss Work:
In the event that your injury sustained in a car accident causes you to miss work, the ICBC basic coverage will provide assistance. If the accident causes you to become temporarily disabled, you will be able to get 75% of your pre-tax weekly pay. This coverage will pay out no more than $300 per week and will last no more than 104 weeks (two years). In the event that the injuries sustained in a crash cause you to become permanently disabled, the basic coverage you will receive includes monthly disability payments for the remainder of your life. It should be noted that if you are unemployed before the accident, you will only be awarded a weekly payment of $145 for a maximum of 104 weeks.

These benefits do not go into effect until the eighth day following the accident. Regulations do not allow for payment for the first seven days of disability.

If You Are Killed In A Car Crash:
The families of motorists who are killed in a vehicle accident are entitled to receive money. Even if you were at fault for the accident, your family will still receive the benefits of this coverage. The amount awarded is dependent on the age, status in the family, and the number of dependents. Limits for this coverage are as follows:

If the deceased is the main source of financial means for the family, the first beneficiary will receive $5,000. Additionally, this first survivor will receive a weekly payment of $145 per week for 104 weeks (2 years). The remaining survivors will be awarded a $1,000 lump sum payment and a $35 per week payment for 104 weeks.

If the person who is killed in the car accident is your spouse, you will receive a payment of $2,500.

In the event that the deceased is a dependent child, the family will be awarded a maximum of $1,500. This amount is determined based on the age of the child at the time of death.

Additionally, $2,500 is provided to aid in funeral expenses.

Suing The Responsible Driver:
As the driver who is not at fault for the accident, you have the option to sue the at fault driver for compensation beyond what is provided by the ICBC. You, or your family, should you be killed, can sue for damage to property and your personal well being.

If You Want More Than The Minimum Coverage:
While purchasing the basic coverage from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is mandatory, those living in this province can choose to go elsewhere to purchase additional or optional coverage. This optional coverage provided by third party companies outside the government can provide theft, fire, and additional collision coverage. Look to for these additional products.