Canada Alberta offers Alberta car insurance quotes and rates for residents of Alberta. In Alberta, you can get auto insurance from almost 70 different private companies that compete with their rates by giving customers different service, coverage, and prices. By Alberta law, everyone who owns and drives a vehicle has to have a minimum amount of auto insurance. They also have the option to purchase more insurance if they choose.

Anyone who drives knows that it is extremely important to have the right insurance coverage on his or her vehicle. Insurance companies help Albertans in many different ways if they get involved in an accident. It may be by helping them recover if they are unable to work, or by helping them financially if they are sued by someone else who was hurt in the accident.

The provincial governments in Canada are in charge of deciding what benefits are mandatory for auto insurance. Sometimes, it may be hard to find the right amount of coverage for the best price. An example would be the government making the product very generous, which would in turn make it too expensive for some drivers to afford.

However, there have been changes made to Alberta’s auto insurance system that help balance those two factors, and can help Albertans get the best coverage at an affordable cost.

More About Alberta Auto Insurance
All motor vehicles in the city of Alberta must have a public liability insurance policy on them, as it is illegal otherwise. When you go to register your vehicle, you will need this proof of insurance. Insurance reforms have been put in place by the provincial government that are supposed to make insurance premiums less expensive for drivers. You must remember that any “at-fault” accidents you cause, as well as driving violations, will impact heavily on the future of your auto insurance.

Many insurance companies do not even take into consideration your previous no claims discount and your driver’s experience. Once we acquire our Alberta driving license, we understand the cost of insurance will go down; therefore, it is advisable to get one as soon as possible. Be sure that you get a current no claims certificate from the insurance carrier you are leaving, as it can help you.

Required Alberta Auto & Car Insurance Coverage
When you register your vehicle within Alberta, you must keep a minimum amount of auto insurance on it. When you do, you will be entitled to the following:

If Your Driving Is Responsible For Someone’s Losses:
You may become involved in a car accident that is your fault, and become involved in a court case as the result of killing or injuring a person or damaging property. If this is the case, then your insurance company will cover the damages up to $200,000 from a legal settlement or any court awards made against you. If you are being sued not only for injury but property damage as well, then the insurance company will not pay more than $10,000 towards the property damage portion of the claim. Remember, if you are sued for any of these reasons, and you do not have insurance on your vehicle, then you will be financially responsible for 100% of damages, both medical and physical.

If You Are Injured In A Car Crash:
No matter whose fault the accident is, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

Medical Care
If you are in need of medical care and assistance, then your insurance company will pay your bills all the way up to $50,000 per person. This will include work done at the hospital, any psychological or physical therapy, dental, acupuncture, nursing assistance, ambulance service, and other necessary medical services.

There are, however, per-person limits that apply to this:

  • Chiropractic: $750
  • Massage Therapy: $250
  • Acupuncture: $250

Your injury may be a minor sprain or a strain, and this will be defined in the diagnostic and treatment protocol regulation. If this is the case, you will be treated within the rules and regulations and up to those standards. You will also be assured of getting back to your normal life as soon as possible.

If Your Injury Causes You To Miss Work:
Your insurance company may reimburse up to 80% of your average weekly pay before taxes (a maximum of $400/week) for the time that you can’t work, but not more than 104 weeks.

After seven days of disability, you may begin to receive this benefit. You will not be paid for the first seven days you were off, however.

If You Are Killed In A Car Crash:
Your family will be entitled to a sum of money in the event of your death, regardless of whom is at fault. Whatever they receive will be determined by your age, number of dependants, and your status in the family. Also, your family will receive up to $400 per family to be used towards grief counseling and $5,000 to be applied towards funeral expenses.

Suing The Responsible Driver:
If you are in an accident, and believe that the other driver is responsible for damages to you or your property, you may be entitled to compensation if you decide to sue for pain and suffering. Your injuries may be minor, but if the crash happened in Alberta, your pain and suffering amount is capped at $4,144. This number will be the maximum amount that you will be able to receive. This limit will not apply if the injuries you sustain are considered more than minor.

There is currently an appeal against the cap on pain and suffering against the decision of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench.

If You Want More Than The Minimum Coverage:
You may always choose to buy more insurance from if you want more coverage on theft, vandalism, or other damages. You may also increase the limits on the coverages outlined above.