Arkansas Business Insurance

Why Get Business Insurance in Arkansas
Business insurance refers to a wide range of insurance coverage that can mitigate, minimize or compensate for the risk that your employees and/or your business are exposed to. Business insurance also includes coverage mandated by Arkansas law such as worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance and social security. In some states, state disability coverage is also compulsory. Most business owners invest enormous amounts of time on developing products, designing advertising campaigns and recruiting the best employees. But they give little thought to their insurance policies. Without adequate insurance coverage, a business and its owner can be financially ruined in the event of an accident or storm. Arkansas business insurance provides business owners with financial protection and shields them from the terrible prospect of losing their business due to inadequate insurance coverage.

Workers Compensation in Arkansas
The state of Arkansas requires all businesses with three or more employees to provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Imagine what would happen if one of your employees received a serious injury due to a fall from a ladder. This employee would probably sue you for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, and perhaps even accuse you of operating an unsafe work environment. The good news is that by carrying adequate worker’s compensation insurance, all of the above-mentioned expenses would be covered and paid for through your policy.

Coverage for Arkansas Business Insurance
There are different types of Arkansas business liability insurance such as standard bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, product liability and advertising injury coverage. General liability protection is an invaluable part of Arkansas business insurance. This policy will protect your business against claims if customers, contractors or even visitors sustain an injury or illness on your premises during normal business operations. Aside from covering the normal items such as medical expenses and lost income, it also covers any legal and court costs that may arise.

It is also very important to protect yourself against product defects by purchasing Arkansas Product liability insurance. Whether you are the manufacturer of the defective product or the retail shop that sells it, everyone along the line of distribution can be held liable for a defective product which causes an injury. Having product liability insurance can protect your company against very costly damages.

Whenever you are shopping for insurance, it’s always smart to speak with several different companies. This allows you to compare options, rates and costs. You can do this easily and securely online. Make sure that the business insurance policy you choose fully protects you and your assets.