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Worse customer service in the industry - USAA Review

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worse customer service in the industry

I have been a customer of USAA for 59 years. I have the following types service with them: Auto, Homeowner, Supplementary Health, Jewelry, Renters, Earthquake. On Friday I had a question on my supplemental health policy with them. I was put on hold for 25 minutes. I was then told when a human finally came on line that I had the wrong department. I asked if was still talking to a USAA representative and she said no. I now assume that they farm out the health supplement policies the same as they do their earthquake policies. I was given another number to call which I did. When I finally reached somebody she was the nastiest individual I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to. She eventually hung up on me. I started the process all over again back to the mail USAA number. I was connected to the life insurance dept. instead of health care. They transferred me to health care and I finally received an answer to my question one hour and 10 minutes after the initial call. With the kind of money I and all other members pay these dudes per year you would think they could improve on their customer service. I guess that is asking for too much.

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