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25 Year Loyal Customer Shafted - USAA Review

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25 Year Loyal Customer Shafted

Failed to pay house and car insurance on time. Exceeded 30 limit. Were unable to reinstate me on policies, until make restitution on outstanding USAA Mastercard. I offered to make payments, they said, no services until full payment is made. Customer Rep. said, it was a Texas law;upon further investigation, found it was a USAA policy. Triple-bypass survivor, with medical bills, school loans outstanding, and have been layed off 3 times in the last 5 years. Divorced and went through life savings to pay Cobra payments last couple of years. USAA not willing to work with payments to MC, and 25 years of loyalty, and my father's 20 years of service and company loyalty for what? Lean and mean? With demilitarization, and them desperate to market to dependents, what USAA Corporate Executive, is making 7 figures, to think of this inequitable policy? Global warming, and they are paying out more to storm ridden state... Shame on you USAA! USAA is no longer the darling corporation of San Antonio; and you are no longer providing the customer service, you once did in the 80's. Praying for more storms.

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