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Professionalism - USAA Review

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I've had USAA for 30 yrs and have had wonderful experience with them. I was once asked why I pay more just to have all my insurance and banking in the same company. Then a bad storm hit. I was not only the first neighbor to be assessed and paid for damage, but no rise in premiums - all complaints from my thrifty neighbors. Then I had a bad car wreck (for the record, not at fault). No worries, minimal effort on my part except being patient. The higher rates on some things are well worth my sanity and experience when I need them. Professional and fair. My first major homeowner claim was 3 months ago - to keep a long story short, they screwed up when I purchased 3 yrs ago and gave me an incorrect policy. They stepped up to the plate and covered everything that needed it and fixed my policy to be correct. My adjuster seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, but others pick up that slack and my claim is almost done. The damage mitigators that arrived have not been paid after 3 months, but my check disbursement is fine. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer anymore and USAA staff is tolerant and helpful in realizing that and helping me thru it, even ensuring that I knew of various services they offer to help my budget and how to save money on my policies for the family cars and drivers. Experiences are built on people - customers, too. Some companies just won't work for some customers because of the customers. As a company as a whole, stick w/ insurance and banking and its worth it when you need it.

5.0 Coverage
4.0 Cost
4.0 Service
5.0 Claims

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  • 2.5 overall rating

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