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Nightmare Claims Process

My family was involved in an accident with a USAA insured member. Police cited her at the scene for careless driving, automatically deeming her at fault. We were contacted by USAA, who tried every angle to get us to admit some sort of fault, until we faxed them a copy of the police report. A week after the accident, they set us up with a rental car, since our car was totaled. That following Monday, a claims adjuster contacted us with a ridiculously low offer on the car. I'm talking 75% below its value. We couldn't buy a junker for the low amount they were offering. They told him that they were deducting money for the condition of the front tires (75% tread), a broken windshield (which broke in the accident) and other ridiculous things. My husband turned down the offer and requested that they reevaluate the value and contact him with something more reasonable. After hearing nothing from USAA we received a voicemail from the rental car company on Friday afternoon stating that we needed to bring the car back by 6pm as USAA had contacted them. My husband called them back and they said to hold onto the rental until Saturday morning as they were awaiting confirmation from USAA on an extension. We left several messages from the USAA rep regarding this matter with no response. Upon returning the rental, we are now being charged $75 as apparently the car was due back on Thursday. WTF? We are now without a car, need new car seats for our kids, reimbursement for the tow bill and their offer won't buy us a car, let alone cover the costs of our other losses. This morning USAA contacted my husband and became very rude when he couldn't provide a claim number since he was at work. He called them back with what we were originally told was the claim number and they had no record of our incident. After much hassle and attitude from USAA, it turns out they changed the claim number and refuse to negotiate their offer despite documentation that we have to prove out vehicle is worth more. Of course their paperwork states that the value is based on out zip code yet they are comparing our vehicle to ones in other states. Not to mention, USAA has knocked their values down by half. This is an absolute effing nightmare.

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