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United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a dedicated fully to the business of auto insurance, which shall guide you on how to save money in the business of autoinsurance. It was in the year 1922, that 25 officers of the army took a decision to insure one another vehicles, and slowly in this way became a fully integrated financial service company of the United States. We have always remained true to the founding values, of service loyalty as well as integrity. Since we are not a public traded company, we are not answerable to our stockholders, but only to our members. Most of our members rely on our product and services, in order to meet the financial needs. The privilege of membership can be handed down to the children and grandchildren.

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The following people are eligible to join as member:
• National Guard and Selected Reserve Officers.
• Officer candidates in the commissioning programs ((Academy, ROTC, and OCS/OTS).
• There are former spouses and adult children of USAA members.

Superior products and services
We provide more than 50 products and services for all our customers. We are also committed to provide excellent kinds of products and services. We have many credit cards that are highly competitive, that includes auto, home and personal loans, in this way we can eliminate the services of a branch. It has been observed that since 80 years, there are many military servicemen, who have turned their services to the USAA.This is mainly due to the excellent services that we provide to our members. We have been highly successful in all our endeavors, and that has been mainly due to precious employee resources. We seek to provide world-class benefits and also top rated training facilities to most of our employees that helps us to support and successfully manage work as well as personal life. There are many services and facilities that are provided by us, that includes excellent online facilities, along with financial services and planning from the certified products.

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unhappy customer

Mar 26, 2015 by Anonymous

A true victim is being treated like a criminal

Fender Bender Claim

Mar 02, 2015 by Anonymous

I would highly recommend USAA as your insurance provider. I have a 17yr old son and we needed a new policy to place us under, as a result we discovered USAA was way cheaper than Farmers Insurance (previous company). Infact, we are saving $225 a month compared to the $400 from Farmers. Also, my son had a fender bender and they processed the claim quickly and we were excited to hear about the 1 time forgiveness policy, thank you God. Their professionalism, attentive listening skills and superior customer service is worth their business! Again, I would highly recommend them!! Thank you USAA we are extremely thankful and grateful you are our extraordinary insurance agent!!

One disappointment after another so Lesving USAA

Feb 06, 2015 by Anonymous

We recently hit a deer resulting in $5000 damage. USAA did everything not to help us causing us to have to pay out of pocket. We talked to to at least 4 different people, all who were rude and skilled at pushing the USAA party lines. We were told that had we called usaa when we made elections online they would of told us not to make the elections we did, but because we did it online, they couldn't tell us. As a dual military family with over 45 years of combined service, we love the idea of USAA and have our banking, insurance, auto loan all through USAA, but we have sadly come to realize that USAA is just another business and while they operate under the military umbrella, they are no more for us than any other business and can prey on military. We are shopping around planning to move elsewhere. It is time for us to spend our money on theses things in our state and to find an agent that will work on our behalf. USAA sadly is niot it anymore.


Jan 27, 2015 by Anonymous

I have been a USAA customer for 15 years. I use them for banking, loans, investments, and insurance. They are the only company that I know that gives back to the customers part of the insurance payments if they have a surplus of money. I get a deposit from them every December, even the year of Huricane Katrina I got a deposit from them. I also have made a home insurance claim with them and it was easy and painless.

Don't insure a leased vehicle with USAA

Jan 26, 2015 by Anonymous

Fellow Vets! Here is something I just learned the hard way. You may not know it, but if you lease a car and the lease requires OEM equipment replacement, including windshields, USAA's policy is NOT to cover OEM equipment or windshields unless non-OEM equipment or windshields are available. Therefore, you have no real insurance on your car with USAA as your lease will require OEM and your insurance will not pay for it, as non-OEM is usually available. I will be cancelling all of my and insuring my extended family's insurance with USAA as soon as I find alternate insurance.

worse customer service in the industry

Jan 25, 2015 by Anonymous

I have been a customer of USAA for 59 years. I have the following types service with them:

Auto, Homeowner, Supplementary Health, Jewelry, Renters, Earthquake.

On Friday I had a question on my supplemental health policy with them. I was put on hold for 25 minutes. I was then told when a human finally came on line that I had the wrong department. I asked if was still talking to a USAA representative and she said no. I now assume that they farm out the health supplement policies the same as they do their earthquake policies. I was given another number to call which I did. When I finally reached somebody she was the nastiest individual I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to. She eventually hung up on me.

I started the process all over again back to the mail USAA number. I was connected to the life insurance dept. instead of health care. They transferred me to health care and I finally received an answer to my question one hour and 10 minutes after the initial call.

With the kind of money I and all other members pay these dudes per year you would think they could improve on their customer service. I guess that is asking for too much.

Find Your Own Contractors

Nov 16, 2014 by Anonymous

I had water damage in early May due to a frozen pipe, the contractor USAA assigned to the claim actually caused more damage to my house than existed prior to their \"service\" . USAA told me that if I was unsatisfied with the contractor , I could find my own, but that would not guarantee they work. Ok I found hired other companies to do the work but then I was served with a lien against my house because the contractor USAA sent did not pay his subs.USAA has shown no concern that my home is encumbered and my credit rating is adversely affected.
I would recommend that anyone with a claim find their own contractors because USAA is unwilling to answer for the actions of their agents and to stand behind their customers.

One Company, Two Different Policies

Jul 15, 2014 by Anonymous

I had a cracked windshield. All of my previous insurance companies had a $50 deductible for windshield only claims. I called the USAA line which connects you to Safelite. They quoted me $494 and informed me that USAA covers windshields under the comprehensive, so I would be responsible for $250 (my deductible) of the bill. I have never had a windshield deductible over $50, so I was really taken aback. At any rate, I have had multiple windshields replaced in the past and thought almost $500 sounded a bit high. So I went to the Safelite website directly and put in the information without USAA. They quoted me $314.95. That a $159 discount to NOT use insurance. Plus, then I don't have the claim.
But, wait! There's more!!! I went to the USAA site to double check my coverage and found that they never took off the car that I had a total loss on 2.5 months ago, So, I have been paying insurance on it this whole time. The representative I just spoke to took it off and backdated it, but....
It gets better. After she correctly removed the totaled car, I noticed that the old work truck I had listed as "in storage" was still on the policy. That was my fault, I forgot to call when I sold it. However, I had her remove the truck also and my policy then WENT UP by $60. I asked why that was, and she said it was because by taking off the car and truck I lost my multicar discount. Keep in mind that I still have TWO cars insured by USAA. The problem (she says) is that one is registered in TN and one in MA, so USAA puts them on TWO DIFFERENT POLICIES. I reminded her that USAA serves military personnel who often have cars registered in multiple states, but she said there was nothing she could do about it. She offered to let me speak to a manager. I waited on hold a while and she came back to tell me they would have to call me back tomorrow.
It isn't tomorrow yet, so I am waiting for the call. However, since it is company policy, I doubt there is anything they can do about it. I am going to be looking for a new insurance provider - but not before I tell my many, many fellow military friends and family that USAA is now just one of the many companies that targets, rather than helps, military families.

Terrible USAA Claim Service

May 22, 2014 by Anonymous

I was recently hit by a USAA policy holder. If you are ever involved in a claim with USAA you should hire an attorney immediately. Unfortunately, USAA operates unethically and with total disrespect to people who file a claim against them. I understand insurance companies aren't in business because they pay more than they take in….but USAA will not pay what they rightfully should until you show them you're serious, and willing to hire an attorney. This seems to be true for both policy holders and non policy holders. Life is too short…deal with better companies than USAA….please!

Difficult to Work With

Apr 07, 2014 by Anonymous

I have been a customer of USAA since becoming a military officer back in 1992. I have had Auto, Life, Renters, and Home Owners policies with them. During that time I have had 4 claims with them; 1 on our house, 2 on vehicle accidents that were the fault of other drivers, and 1 on an auto that was our fault. The claims were always difficult because they employ companies, such as CCC, that are known to use false or fraudulent methods to calculate the value of your property and lower the payout to the insured regardless of fault. So you have to fight with them to get what you are truly owed. Additionally the 1 at fault accident we had they raised out rates and never lowered them even after years of safe driving.

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