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United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a dedicated fully to the business of auto insurance, which shall guide you on how to save money in the business of autoinsurance. It was in the year 1922, that 25 officers of the army took a decision to insure one another vehicles, and slowly in this way became a fully integrated financial service company of the United States. We have always remained true to the founding values, of service loyalty as well as integrity. Since we are not a public traded company, we are not answerable to our stockholders, but only to our members. Most of our members rely on our product and services, in order to meet the financial needs. The privilege of membership can be handed down to the children and grandchildren.

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The following people are eligible to join as member:
• National Guard and Selected Reserve Officers.
• Officer candidates in the commissioning programs ((Academy, ROTC, and OCS/OTS).
• There are former spouses and adult children of USAA members.

Superior products and services
We provide more than 50 products and services for all our customers. We are also committed to provide excellent kinds of products and services. We have many credit cards that are highly competitive, that includes auto, home and personal loans, in this way we can eliminate the services of a branch. It has been observed that since 80 years, there are many military servicemen, who have turned their services to the USAA.This is mainly due to the excellent services that we provide to our members. We have been highly successful in all our endeavors, and that has been mainly due to precious employee resources. We seek to provide world-class benefits and also top rated training facilities to most of our employees that helps us to support and successfully manage work as well as personal life. There are many services and facilities that are provided by us, that includes excellent online facilities, along with financial services and planning from the certified products.