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Unity Health Insurance

Unity Health Insurance is a subsidiary of UW Health. They are headquartered in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Unity Health Insurance runs a health care network that includes UW Health, a large number of regional doctors, the University of Wisconsin Clinics and Hospital as well as a large number of hospitals spread across the south western Wisconsin region.

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The Unity Health Insurance staff is comprised of health care professional all of whom take tremendous pride in the services that they offer. Unity Health Insurance gives you personalised customer care any time that you need it. They also give you timely and accurate information that you will find useful in dealing with your health insurance needs. Because Unity Health Care is so customer focused the company has received an impressive 95% customer satisfaction rating.

Unity Health Insurance offers a wide range of health care plans that include wellness programs, preventative care and disease management programs. All of these options are available to individuals and employer based program participants as well government employees with Unity Health Insurance coverage. Unity Health Insurance has over 81,000 subscribers and individual members.

Unity Health Insurance customers have real peace of mind knowing that they will always have access to high quality professional customer service staff. The customer service staff of Unity Health Insurance answers calls and requests using a 24 hours call back program as well as email.

Customers of Unity Health Insurance can also use the MyUnity online service which gives them access to their own health care information on a 24/7 basis. MyUnity is run using a password protected and well secured system. The Unity Health Insurance MyUnity tool allows you to see your benefit information, review the status of any claims that you have pending, look at requested authorizations, and switch your Primary Care Physician and more all from your own computer.

Unity Health Insurance offers a number of different plans to choose between. Among their high quality options is a Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO). Unity Health Insurance members are required to use in-network health care services for anything except emergency situations. With hundreds of doctors, hospitals and other medical services to choose from in-network this is not a difficult requirement.

Members of the Unity Health Insurance HMO are given the option to choose their own Primary Care Physician to whom they will go for routine health care provision and who will take care of any referrals that are needed to access specialty services.

Another great option from Unity Health Insurance is their Health Savings Account (HSA) plan. These plans give the opportunity to save funds to cover the costs of qualified health care expenses as well as retiree health care costs all with a tax exempt status.

The money in your Unity Health Insurance Health Savings Account is yours. HSA plans give you added benefit of saving money that you can use for future health care expenses all with a tax exempt status.

Unity Health Insurance has special plans that are designed with individual clients in mind. They fill the gap for people who for any number of reasons do not have Employer sponsored group health coverage.

Unity Health Insurance offers a wide variety of products for individuals. The Unity Health Insurance co-payment plans allow you to pay a flat fee for medical coverage. The co-insurance options allow you to contribute a percentage of the costs for your health care provision and supplies.

The Deductible plans offered by Unity Health Insurance give the means to pay a fixed deductible before Unity Health Insurance starts to cover the cost of your benefits. High deductible plans, which are generally used with HSAs give you lower monthly premium costs with higher annual deductibles. Unity Health Insurance covers preventative care including touring physicals, lab work, x-rays and routine immunizations.