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Low-Ball Total Loss Estimate - Unitrin Review

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Low-Ball Total Loss Estimate

My car was was rear-ended by a Unitrin policy holder while it was parked in front of a store. He hit my parked car so hard that it went over 7 lanes, over a curb, and into a brick building. We were thankful that no one was hurt. This company has made the past week of my life a living hell. They left us with out a car for 3 days. Then they told us that we needed to talk to our insurance company and get our car fixed. Once I complained, we were given a rental car. We drive an SUV that seats 7. They told us they would give us a compact car. Once again I complained and was given a a vehicle that would accommodate my family of 6. Yesterday, the claims agent called my husband with a low-ball offer for our vehicle. He told the agent he could not agree to this until he spoke with me. We decided that it was an unfair amount considering that we have to go and purchase a new vehicle, we are forced to have a car payment, and we are in trying to buy a house, so it affects our debt to income ratio. We called this man twice, left messages, and never received a call back. My husband called again this morning to discuss this matter and he told him he already sent out partial payment and it would be here in five days. He also told him that we needed to turn in our rental the day after tomorrow. My husband complained and the man extended it until Monday, but we won't even receive partial payment until the end of next week. We weren't asking for a ton of money, just enough for a reasonable down payment. We have over $1,000 dollars in receipts in work we just had done on the car a few months ago. The blue book price and the receipts add up to more than what they are giving us. I contacted his supervisor and I am still waiting for a call back.

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