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Strongly advising ALL consumers to "steer clear" of Unitrin. The initial claims representative I spoke with was shockingly unprofessional, exhibited ambivalence and passive-aggressive demeanor when I attempted to report the details of a wreck caused by the incredible negligence of the other driver- a crash which caused injuries and totaled my vehicle. The Unitrin rep treated my accounting and stated details about the wreck with an aloof disregard, as though my statements as to how the crash occurred were untrue. The reps demeanor of ambivalence and cynicism during my call grew to all new lows as I reported the need for advisements on rental car, as well as the associated injuries caused in collision with negligent driver. This claims rep was completely void of any "genuine" demonstration of professionalism and sensitivity, considering what I had been through as a result of the wreck. As I tried to get assistance/guidance/advisements on what process I should follow, and how I should proceed, regarding my injuries, she exhibited even more disregard. My so called "professional" insurance industry claims representative then passed me along, as quickly as possible, to the other drivers company whereby I was, of course, met with yet another integrity and personality-challenged rep who proceeded to interrupt me, disrespect me... and finally to tell me not to call them anymore. Then, this second rep I had spoken with added, curtly, that they didn? ?†? ??????????t know why my Unitrin company rep told me to call them, but that I should only deal with Unitrin and to "get my car out of storage" - that they would not pay for the storage fees associated with the towing of (what was left) of my vehicle. Can we all say, "Three ring circus with claims clowns posing as ring masters?! The police report shows clearly that the other driver was dangerously negligent. Multiple witnesses stating the same. My advice? Choose your car insurance company deliberately and wisely. Take the time to interview the claims reps before you choose. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE...Take the time to find out if your perspective insurance company values staffing dedicated, empathy-capable, fair and balanced, responsible professionals who take pride in "their chosen" work. This pathetically unprofessional Unitrin insurance company was "shopped and recommended" by insurance broker...Let me tell ya? ?†? ?????????? from experience, now... Saving a few dollars a month is not worth your health and safety-especially in the case you actually need your insurance company to advocate for you in the case you are slammed into by a negligent driver. Pay the extra folks. Go with a reputable, vetted, established company. Buy off brand catchup and paper towels? Sure. But not car insurance! You get what you pay for! Your peace of mind and health is too important to go "offbrand" just to save some money. It's not worth it in any sense! Just say NO to Unitrin Car insurance! They are posers in the car insurance field. THEY DO NOT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU as a customer, much less your safety and well being. What have I learned? The Unitrin motive and business model is to deny all claims validity -EVEN THEIR OWN INSUREDS'. That's got to be an all time low in lows in the car insurance industry!

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