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Unitrin Management

Richard C. Vie
Chairman of the Board
Unitrin DirectRichard C. Vie has been a director of Unitrin Direct since March 1990, and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors since January 1999. From March 1992 until August 2006, Mr. Vie served as Chief Executive Officer, and also served as President from March 1992 until February 2002. Mr. Vie joined Unitrin’s predecessor company, Teledyne, Inc., in 1983 as president of its largest life insurance operation. When Unitrin was spun off from Teledyne in 1990, he became a Senior Vice President of Unitrin Direct and was named President and CEO in 1992.

Eric J. Draut
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (also Boardmember)
Unitrin Direct

Eric J. Draut has been a director of Unitrin Direct since February 2002 at which time he was elected Executive Vice President. Mr. Draut is the Company’s Chief Financial Officer, a position he has held since February 1997. Mr. Draut was a Senior Vice President of Unitrin Direct from February 1999 until February 2002, and served as Treasurer from April 1992 until February 2002. Mr. Draut was a Vice President between October 1997 and February 1999, and Controller from February 1990 until February 1997.

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Unitrin Direct Senior Management

Donald G. Southwell
President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Renwick
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

David F. Bengston
Vice President

Edward J. Konar
Vice President

Richard Roeske
Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

John M. Boschelli

Unitrin Direct Operating Management

Scott Carter
President, Unitrin Direct
Chicago, Illinois

Joe Cole
President, Reserve National Insurance Company
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

James J. Collins
President, Career Agency Property Program
St. Louis, Missouri

Ronald E. Greco
Vice President and Corporate Actuary, Unitrin Services Company
Chicago, Illinois

Jack D. Lubner
President, Unitrin Direct Business Insurance
Dallas, Texas

John W. Mullen
President, Unitrin Direct Specialty
Dallas, Texas

Fred H. Reichelt
President, Fireside Bank
Pleasanton, California

Don M. Royster, Sr.
President, Career Agency Companies
St. Louis, Missouri

James A. Schulte
President, Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home and Group Executive, Unitrin Direct Business Insurance
Jacksonville, Florida

Milton E. Slaughter
President, Southern States General Agency
Ruston, Louisiana

Charles L. Wood
Group Executive, Fireside Bank and Reserve National Insurance Company
Chicago, Illinois

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