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United Healthcare RX Plan - United Health Care Review

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United Health Care

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United Health Care

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United Healthcare RX Plan

Every year I seem to have one or two questions on my Prescription drug plan I have through AARP/United Healthcare. So I have to call customer service. This year was no exception and when I called I was on HOLD for 39.35 minutes. Every year it get's worse, not better. I asked why the long hold time and the person indicated they we very busy and apologized. But that's what they always do, apologize, but nothing every changes. All told it took me almost 1 hour to get my needed answer in order to get a very important prescription filled. I'm very unhappy with the customer service I have gotten from them and find it unacceptable. Since they never change it evident to me that they really don't value their customers. I suggest that people call the customer service line of any prospective RX provider before signing up at least 2-3 times. That way you'll have an idea of how they operate. AARP/United Healthcare RX plan will not be the one I choose this year. Every year since 2011 it's gotten worse.

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