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Won\'t Cover Needed Tests - United Health Care Review

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United Health Care

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United Health Care

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Won\'t Cover Needed Tests

My husband is paying for this insurance through the company that he works for. I have had to fight them tooth and nail to have ANY prescriptions filled since we got the policy. I have gone to their approved doctor for the past 3 weeks about unknown swelling in my face and head. I was referred to the local hospital for x-rays to check my sinuses and so far have not gotten a bill that they will not pay. However, the x-rays did not show anything, and my doctor wanted to send me for a CT scan in case something more severe was going on. They have refused to pay for the CT scan, and stated that they will not pay for it unless it is stroke, or facial trauma related. I called their nurse line tonight because it feels like someone is stabbing me, and I have palm sized goose eggs on my head and face from the swelling. They tell me to \"call your doctor in the morning\". WTF?

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