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High Co-Pays - United Health Care Review

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United Health Care

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United Health Care

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High Co-Pays

My mother was hospitalized recently for hip replacement and then transferred to a rehab facility. I believed that Medicare would cover all her rehab cost, which it would have if she did not have the UHC plan. Instead, she is paying $50 a day! This is because United becomes the primary insurer and medicare becomes secondary, and United's so called "benefits", come with a co-pay of $50 a day. This is her second round of care for this leg. Earlier this year she was hospitalized (couldn't walk, but no one found out why even after scans, x-rays, and an MRI) and discharged after a two day "observation stay" in the hospital. This meant that she had to private pay $10,000 to stay in the rehab facility since Medicare does not pay for rehab without a 3 day hospital admission, the private policies like United don't pay either!

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