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Not Bad - United Health Care Review

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United Health Care

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United Health Care

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Not Bad

I have had issues with this company, but nothing like everyone else. Yes, the price is a bit high and it does get raised, but when it comes to approved surgeries or procedures I have had no problems with some getting approved on the same day (MRI). Every once in a while for some reason (sometimes I think to just test people to see if they will pay it out) they will claim something is out-of-network even though it is in-network and try and get me to pay the entire cost (out of network for me means I pay 100%). In general the people I talk too are willing to work with you with a few having issues (bad day's for them too). It seems to me that their customer service is in the USA and if not the people I talk too speak better English than many people here in the states. I am not sure if the negativity is due to individual coverage or through medicare as mine is through my work. However, my mother who I go over her medical bills has had not issue with them either and has only had to pay for one item through a few surgeries (knee surgery at 88) and that was a transfer from hospital to rehab center.

4.0 Coverage
3.0 Cost
3.0 Service
4.0 Claims

United Health Care Ratings

  • 1.5 coverage
  • 2.0 cost
  • 1.1 service
  • 1.1 claims
  • 1.4 overall rating

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