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What a crap comany - United Health Care Review

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United Health Care

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United Health Care

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What a crap comany

I am in charge of the health insurance for about 80 employees. I switched to United Health Care based on promises of greatness and lower premiums. Although we had all of our apps and MONEY to UHC timely, they did not set up one of the companies I am in charge of, so I had over 50 people without health insurance as of our renewal date. Two days later we still had no insurance and no explanation. It took them 4 days past the date we were promised temporary id cards for them to finally get us set up. the customer service was a joke. No one could tell me what the problem was - only that someone had dropped the ball. No kidding genius. Since they finally got us up and running I get nothing but complaints that UHC won't cover my employees' prescriptions. Everyone has been scrambling trying to get on substitute meds to meet their needs. Now they have denied a retro claim made due to their failures to get us coverage timely. My employee had no way of knowing UHC didn't cover the medication he had been on for over a year. he had never had a problem with BCBS TX covering it. Now they won't pay it even though it was their fault he had to pay out of pocket in the first place. And just like everyone else says, their customer service is crap. The phone number they gave me to call for help and that is on all of my employees' id cards doesn't even work. I can not express how they have humiliated me professionally. I have my whole company mad at me now. UHC I hope you burn to the ground. You don't give a damn about human beings - just your CEO's billion dollar bonus. Screw you. I can't wait to fire you.

1.0 Coverage
3.0 Cost
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United Health Care Ratings

  • 1.5 coverage
  • 2.0 cost
  • 1.1 service
  • 1.1 claims
  • 1.4 overall rating

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