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United Health Care

For over thirty years, United Health Care has been providing strong, high-quality, cost effective healthcare coverage. The company works closely with groups as well as individuals to offers a vast, comprehensive array of options to choose from. They also offer the convenience of online tools, which are designed to allow members to administer their accounts quickly and easily.

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United Health Care works closely with its partner organization Uniprise, Inc. in order to attend to and serve over 18 million individual health insurance plans. They offer a large comprehensive network of over 550,000 physicians and nearly 5000 hospitals in every state as well as 4 international markets.

United Health Care works tirelessly to ensure their members receive the best healthcare at the most affordable prices. United Health Care has strived to build a high-quality system, which gives members access to healthcare programs and innovative services and products, thus improving the overall strength of the nation’s healthcare system.

United Health Care offers consumer-oriented health benefit plans and services, 24-hour support access, and streamlined online resources for consumers, employees, brokers, and physicians.Simpler processes, smarter solutions, and better results – that’s the promise of United Health Care, and that’s what theyto everyone that purchases their products and services.

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United Health Care

Rating 0

Poor all around

 by Anonymous

Take forever to process my claims. They put all my regular office visits at specialist copay's and took them forever to fix it. Dont pay anything for RX's. Poor customer service.

Insurance USA , USA 6.0 127.0 131 131 I started the process of joining UHC in January and still do not have an ID card, cannot get any information or talk to the same person twice. They have no problems cashing my che