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United American Timeline

With just four employees, United American Insurance opened its doors in 1947 to provide life, health and accident coverage to individuals in Texas. Today UA operates in 49 states, the District of Columbia and Canada and has over 500 people in the Home Office working to ensure our customers receive outstanding products, service and support every day.When Medicare was signed into law in 1966, the Company made the decision to focus its attention on the individual health market with an emphasis on seniors. This foresight paid off and as senior health plans took a more prominent position in UA’s product line, we gained recognition as one of the nation’s leading writers of individual Medicare Supplements – a distinction we still maintain today.

Over the years we have developed an industry reputation for quality written products and financial stability, as demonstrated by the high ratings United American has been awarded. We continue to expand our product selection to meet the needs of the uninsured and under-insured, and actively promote our supplemental products in the workplace as an affordable alternative to those who cannot afford major medical insurance.

In New York, our individual insurance business is conducted through United American’s subsidiary First United American Life Insurance Company. An independent Agent system is employed to deliver life and Medicare supplement coverages to customers living in this state.

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At United American Insurance, responding to the life and health needs of Americans isn’t just about business. It’s about responsibility. We care about our commitment to you and strive to project that dedication through our products and services.

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