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United American

United American Insurance Company was launched in the year 1947, with certain core values and principles. The core values of the company consisted of stability, quality, commitment as well as service. Insurance companies are required to be stable, as customers desire a stable company so that the claims can be paid of when the need arises. Clients desire to invest in that company only, in which they are absolutely certain about the policy that will be returned. It has been more than a century now that the company is meeting the individual needs of the customers.

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The strength of the company is very well reflected in the ratings of the company. It has been more than 30 years now that the company has earned the rating of A+ and AA for a very strong financial strength. United Assurance has always strived to provide you with great services and good consumer convenience.

This is the company that had pioneered the, national “Automatic” Claims Filing® (ACF), which is an electronic claims delivery system, by which the claims are delivered automatically to the insurer. There is an elimination of paper work and hassles, and helps you to ensure that there are no claims, so that all money that is due is paid immediately.

Our 2005 Performance Record* speaks for itself:
> Insurance Total Claim Transactions 7,678,401
> Medicare Supplement Checks Issued 2,932,653
> Policies Issued 122,600
> Customer Calls Serviced 1,357,400

Turnaround Times:
> Medicare Supplement Claims Processed 2.9 calendar days
> Medicare Supplement Policies Issued 9.0 calendar days
> All Policies Issued 12.1 calendar days

Quality is considered to be an asset, in the form of an investment in the future. The people who require quality, make no compromises in terms of product integrity and the price. There is a wide portfolio of different products that are designed specifically designed to meet the needs of the customers, of present as well as future. Some of the products that are offered by the company are Health, Long Term care, Medicare supplements and different annuity products. Some of the features of the products are classified as

• Renewal of guarantee-The policies of the company can never be non-renewed as long as the premiums of the company are paid in the allotted time.
• There are a number of flexible benefits that are available to the individuals as well their families, in order to supplement the existing coverage. These are usually adjusted since your life needs change.
• There is a freedom of choice with the United American Policyholders. The customers have no restrictions and can visit any doctor of their choice.
• Most of these plans are highly portable, hence wherever you move these plans remain the same for you.

United American Insurance Company History
The company started functioning in the year 1947 with just four employees in order to provide different kinds of coverage to individuals in Texas. United Assurance operates in 49 states in the United States, and with more than 500 people working from home office, so that the customers are able to receive outstanding products, services as well as support.

In the year 1966, Medicare was signed into law, and at this time the company made a decision to focus all attention in the individual health market. The senior health plans that were available in the market took a more prominent position, and the company soon got recognition in the health care market. In the few years there was a development in the quality of written products and financial stability in the health care market, but we actively promote the different supplementary products in the health care market.

United American FAQ

What types of policies do you offer?
We cover different types of individual and health products that are provided to meet every need and budget of the customer. These needs include Cancer plans; Critical Illness; Whole and Term Life; Medicare Supplements; Accident plans; Long Term Care and Annuities. There is also an offer of Group Retired Health Insurance and other products that includes benefits for Health care critical plans and Cancer Plans.

Can I go to any doctor or hospital for treatment?
Yes. There is a provision for private insurance and guaranteed freedom of your choice. You are provided a chance to keep any doctor or specialist with whom you are comfortable, or you are allowed to choose any physician for any second opinion. There are no lists or the managed care programs place the managed care programs place restrictions.

Can premiums be taken directly from my bank account?
Yes, there is an automatic payment plan on all products that are convenient and are considered as a convenient and an efficient way to pay premiums.

Is it true that my claims come directly to you from Medicare?
Yes, when you are subscribing to the UA Partners®*, there is an offer of nationwide quality and discount health and services program. This helps in the reduction of any kind of paper work, or claims that may cause hassles to you. There is also a scope of availing benefit of dollars.

Will you pay my providers directly?
If you are a UA Medicare Supplement policyholder you may subscribe to the "Automatic" Claims Filing® service, by which the payments are made directly to the providers who accept medicare assignment.

Does United American offer help on any prescription drugs?
Yes, there is help provided on the United American prescription drugs. There can be savings of 30% on the retail prescription of drugs and upto 45 % discount on the mail order prescriptions. There is another facility for those individuals who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, as they become eligible for prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D.

If my agent is not available, who can I call for assistance?
In case our agent is not available, you may call our customer service number, in order to provide home assistance. They may be contacted at (972) 529-5085.

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United American

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Customer Service Issues

 by Anonymous

When I went to report a death for the life insurance policy, and they will not disclose any information, but yet I have the insurance papers, policy number, everything... even the signed documents. When I went to call them, I was on hold for 48 minutes. The reps are rude on the phone. I simply called reported the death. They said that I was not the beneficiary of the account, but yet they were still taking money out of my account, $30 a month.

Little Coverage

 by Anonymous

They paid very little of my hospital stay. I paid 80% of it.


 by Anonymous

Continuous high premium increases. Very poor claim service. Wouldn't pay for claims. We had to call them multiple times to get it done. When we canceled our policy, they said the representative said that we could be reimbursed for the over payment of premium. When the check never came, we called and now they say they wont pay us back.

Insurance USA , USA 2.4 5.0 43 43 I am self-employed and HAD health insurance with United American. I always paid on time. When I received my bank statement, I noticed that my check had not been cashed. I checked o