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Unicare Health Insurance operates nationwide, working closely with its employees, brokers, subscribers, and vast healthcare provider network. This ensures that members have access to all of the highest quality healthcare products and services.Unicare Health Insurance works closely with Unicare Life & Health Insurance Company and is also affiliated with WellPoint Health Networks, one of the largest publicly-traded managed healthcare organizations in the nation. Combined, the two companies serve the health insurance needs of over 13 million members as well as close to an additional 42 million specialty members.

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By offering a wide selection of healthcare products and plans to choose from, Unicare Health Insurance gives members plenty of options at highly competitive and affordable prices. Unicare understands that everyone has unique health insurance needs, that is why their plans can be tailored to fit whether it be for general healthcare needs, prescription drugs, dental, life, and disability benefits.

Unicare Health Insurance knows customers want the best value for their dollar and employers want the best benefits for their employees at a competitive price. Unicare creates products for its customers that combine the best products with the best cost. With access to an extensive network of healthcare providers, Unicare is able to offer a comprehensive array of health plans and products. The company’s philosophy is to work cooperatively with the providers and the members to make healthcare plans affordable for everyone.

Best of all, Unicare Health Insurance has the financial strength and stability to back up their members when they need them most. The company has been awarded an A.M. Best rating of “A” (Excellent), which is a sure sign they are a strong, trustworthy player in the health insurance industry.

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No Coverage

 by Anonymous

No coverage, poor customer service, provider directory never updated, and specialists few and far between.

Insurance USA , USA 2.0 5.0 21 21 So, I had a bill go into collections because the bills were being sent to the wrong address. SURE that a mistake had been made because I had gone to the doctor's office for my annu