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Tenants Destroyed My Property - Travelers Review

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Tenants Destroyed My Property

I had a home owner's protection policy for rental property with Traveler's Insurance for an estimated two years. During the first 15 months I had not rented the property out to tenants. Once the property was renovated, I rented it. The tenants were evicted for non-payment of rent shortly after they moved in. After gaining access, I discovered massive vandalism had been done by the tenants causing extreme damage and destruction to my property. A criminal report was filed. Travelers Insurance is not compliant with the terms of the policy they sold me. They have denied my claim using unrelated exclusions that were never presented in my policy and that do not apply to this situation. Travelers should not be allowed to create or add exclusions from other policies or from a corporate handbook and apply them to my policy or that of any other consumer in order to avoid paying on a claim. This constitutes insurance fraud. I was sold one thing and something different was delivered.

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