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Jay S. Fishman
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & PresidentMr. Fishman is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of St. Paul Travelers. He served as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and President since the Merger, and assumed the additional role of Chairman in September 2005. From October 2001 until the Merger, Mr. Fishman had been Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of The St. Paul. Prior to October 2001, Mr. Fishman served as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of The Travelers Insurance Group, Inc., (which became Travelers Property Casualty Corp. in 2002 and merged with a subsidiary of St. Paul in 2004) (from 2000) and as Chief Executive Officer and President of Travelers Property Casualty Corp. (which became Travelers Insurance Group Holdings Inc. in 2002) (“Holdings”) (from 1998) and as Chairman of Holdings (from March 2000 to January 2001). From early 2000 until October 2001, Mr. Fishman also then served as Chief Operating Officer of finance and risk for Citigroup, as head of Citigroup’s global insurance businesses and its consumer business in Japan and Western Europe. Mr. Fishman held several key executive posts at Primerica, Travelers and Citigroup from 1989 to October 2001. Mr. Fishman is a member of the Carlson School of Management Board of Overseers at the University of Minnesota and a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania.Charles Clarke
Vice ChairmanMr. Clarke is Vice Chairman of St. Paul Travelers. Before the merger of The St. Paul and Travelers, Mr. Clarke was President of TIGHI and just prior to December 18, 2001 was Chairman and CEO of TIGHI. Mr. Clarke was President from January 2001 to October 2001. Prior to that time he had been Vice Chairman from January 1998 to January 2001. Mr. Clarke had been Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Lines from January 1996 to January 1998 and was Chairman of Commercial Lines from 1990 to January 1996. He has held other executive and management positions with the Company for many years, and he has been with the Company since 1958.

Irwin R. Ettinger
Vice ChairmanMr. Ettinger has been Vice Chairman of the Company since the Merger. Prior to that time, he was Vice Chairman of TPC since June 2002. Mr. Ettinger served as the Chief Accounting and Tax Officer for Citigroup from 1998 to May 2002 and held other positions of increasing responsibility since joining Citigroup in 1987. He joined Citigroup from Arthur Young & Co. (now Ernst & Young) where he was a partner for 18 years.

Jay S. Benet
Vice Chairman & Chief Financial OfficerMr. Benet has been Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer since August 2005, and before that, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company since the Merger, and from February 2002 until the Merger, he held those same offices at TPC. From March 2001 until January 2002, Mr. Benet was the worldwide head of financial planning, analysis and reporting at Citigroup and Chief Financial Officer for Citigroup’s Global Consumer Europe, Middle East and Africa unit between April 2000 and March 2001. Before that, Mr. Benet spent 10 years in various executive positions with Travelers Life & Annuity, including Chief Financial Officer of Travelers Life & Annuity and Executive Vice President, Group Annuity from December 1998 to April 2000, and Senior Vice President Group Annuity from December 1996 to December 1998. Prior to joining Travelers Life & Annuity, Mr. Benet was a partner of Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers).

Brian W. MacLean
EVP & Chief Operating OfficerMr. MacLean has been Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer since May 2005. Prior to that, he had been Co-Chief Operating Officer of the Company since February 1, 2005. Before that, he was Executive Vice President, Claim Services for the Company, and prior thereto, for TPC. Prior to that, Mr. MacLean served as President of Select Accounts for TIGHI from July 1999 to January 2002. He also served as Chief Financial Officer of Claim Services from March 1993 to June 1996. From June 1996 to July 1999, Mr. MacLean was Chief Financial Officer for Commercial. He joined TIGHI in 1988.

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John J. Albano
EVP – Business InsuranceMr. Albano is Executive Vice President for Business Insurance. Prior to that he was Executive Vice President of Commercial Insurance and prior to that he was President of National Accounts. Over the years, he has held many other underwriting and management positions involved with small, mid-sized & larger commercial businesses. Mr. Albano has been with the company since 1971.

Joseph P. Lacher Jr.
EVP – PersonalMr. Lacher has been Executive Vice President of Personal for the Company since January 2005 and prior to that, he had been Senior Vice President of the Company in charge of those operations. Prior to the Merger, he was Executive Vice President-Personal for TPC. Before that, he was Senior Vice President of Product & Actuarial for TPC’s Personal insurance operations since April 2001. Mr. Lacher was Senior Vice President of Personal Strategic Distribution for TIGHI from April 1999 to April 2001, and from April 1996 to April 1999, he was Chief Financial Officer of Select Accounts. Mr. Lacher joined TIGHI in 1991.

Andy F. Bessette
EVP & Chief Administrative OfficerMr. Bessette has been Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the Company since the Merger, and prior to that, he held the same offices with SPC since joining SPC in January 2002. Before that, he was vice president of Corporate Real Estate and Services for TPC. From 1980 to December 2001, Mr. Bessette held a number of management positions at TIGHI.

William H. Heyman
Vice Chairman & Chief Investment OfficerMr. Heyman has been Vice Chairman since May 2005. Before that, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer (at St. Paul Travelers since the merger, and prior to the merger, at The St. Paul ). Mr. Heyman joined The St. Paul in May 2002 from Citigroup, where he was Chairman of Citigroup Investments. Prior to joining Citigroup’s predecessor, Travelers Group, Mr. Heyman was a managing Director of Salomon Brothers. Before that, he served as Director of Market Regulation at the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, DC. Mr. Heyman graduated from Princeton University, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and Harvard Law School. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the NASD, the Advisory Board of the Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Samuel Liss
EVP Strategic DevelopmentMr. Liss is Executive Vice President of Strategic Development at St. Paul Travelers. Before the merger of The St. Paul and Travelers, Mr. Liss was Executive Vice President of Business Development at The St. Paul and had been since he joined the Company in February of 2003. Prior to joining The St. Paul, Mr. Liss was a Managing Director at Credit Suisse First Boston from 1994 to 2001, serving in a Senior Investment Banking relationship, advisory and execution role in CSFB’s Financial Institutions Group, including leadership of its asset management industry practice. Prior to that, Mr. Liss was a Senior Analyst at Salomon Brothers from 1980 to 1994.

Maria Olivo
EVP Investor Relations & Corporate CommunicationsMaria Olivo was appointed Executive Vice President, Business and Corporate Development and Investor Relations of Travelers Property Casualty in June 2002. Since April 2004, Ms. Olivo has been involved in several functions, including Financial Planning & Analysis and Enterprise Marketing. She is currently Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations. Ms. Olivo, a certified financial analyst, joined Travelers from Swiss Re Capital Partners where she was deputy head of Strategic Investments from April 2000 to June 2002. Prior to that, she was a director in Salomon Smith Barney’s Investment Bank where she worked on numerous initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions and public debt offerings.

Kathleen Preston
EVP Enterprise DevelopmentMs. Preston is Executive Vice President of Enterprise Development at St. Paul Travelers. Prior to joining St. Paul Travelers, Preston served as President of the Retail Annuities Division at Travelers Life & Annuity, overseeing product development, risk management, distribution, marketing, asset retention and training. She also served as Executive Vice President of Travelers Life & Annuity, with responsibility for communications and community relations. While Preston has served most of her professional career in leadership positions within Travelers Life & Annuity, she also served as Senior Vice President of Insurance Sales and Operations for Fleet Financial Group from 1995 to 1998.

Doreen Spadorcia
EVP Claim ServicesDoreen Spadorcia has been Executive Vice President-Claim, since March 2, 2005. Prior to that, she was President and Chief Executive Officer of Bond operations for the Company since the Merger and, before that, for TPC since June 2002. From 1994 to May 2002, she managed the TPC Bond claim operation and served as General Counsel of that business unit. She joined TIGHI in 1986 as a claim attorney.

Kenneth F. Spence III
EVP & General CounselMr. Spence has been Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the Company since August 2004. From the date of the Merger until August 2004, Mr. Spence served in several leadership positions in the Company’s Legal Services group, and from April 1998 until the Merger, in SPC’s Legal Services Group. Mr. Spence joined SPC in April 1998, upon SPC’s merger with USF&G Corporation, where he had served as legal counsel.

Bruce Backberg
SVP & Corporate SecretaryMr. Backberg is Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary at St. Paul Travelers. Before the merger of The St. Paul and Travelers, Mr. Backberg was Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary for The St. Paul and had been since January 2001. Mr. Backberg joined The St. Paul’s Legal Services department in 1972. Mr. Backberg has served in several legal practice areas and became Vice President in 1992 and Senior Vice President in 1997.

John Clifford
SVP Human ResourcesMr. Clifford is Senior Vice President of Human Resources at St. Paul Travelers. Before the merger of The St. Paul and Travelers, Mr. Clifford was Senior Vice President of Human Resources for The St. Paul and had been since March 2002. Mr. Clifford joined The St. Paul in 1984 as a Compensation Analyst. He was promoted to Compensation Manager later that year; Compensation and Benefits Officer in 1994, and Vice President of Compensation and Benefits in 1999.

William Bloom
SVP Insurance Operations & Chief Information OfficerWilliam A. Bloom is responsible for Insurance Operations and Information Technology for St. Paul Travelers. He was Chief Information Officer at Travelers from July 2003 until the merger. Mr. Bloom joined Travelers from Accenture, where he was a Partner in the Financial Services Practice. He worked for Accenture from 2000 to 2003 and also from 1985 to 1996. From 1996 to 2000, he worked for Hartford Life, where he was Vice President, responsible for National Accounts and Business Technology Services in the Employee Benefits Division.

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