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Uninsured coverage - State Farm Review

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State Farm

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State Farm

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Uninsured coverage

I have only ever had two times in my driving history when I had to contact State Farm for a claim. Both times, I have ended up with unsatisfactory results. Last time, my car was hit in the parking lot of a store while I was shopping. The driver fled, but was seen, reported and identified on store surveillance. State Farm said I had to have the license plate number of that car in order for them to go after that driver. I have carried uninsured motorists forever on my policy. So I thought I was covered. Here is the catch, uninsured will only count if you know who hit your car and you have all of their information to give to State Farm. Hit and run people flee because it works for them. If someone hits you and they come up and inform you that they have no insurance, but you get their plate number and drivers license number, well then State Farm will cover it and go after that person. Just want everyone out there to know you are not protected from the driver who hits and runs just because you PAY for uninsured motorists on you policy.

2.0 Coverage
2.0 Cost
1.0 Service
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State Farm Ratings

  • 2.8 coverage
  • 2.6 cost
  • 2.2 service
  • 2.0 claims
  • 2.4 overall rating

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