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Take FOREVER with a claim - State Farm Review

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State Farm

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State Farm

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take FOREVER with a claim

I was in a hit-and-run with a State Farm customer. I was lucky someone chased her down and a witnessed stayed. However, the woman must have been on something since she was confused, and thought a truck hit her. What? My car was not even MOVING at the time (stopped in a line waiting to get to a 4 way stop. She was on her cell phone and swerved out of her lane, hit me, then kept on going.) And that is the story she gave the police and State Farm. We provided State Farm with all the documents (police reports, even found the witness for them) and even though their driver was cited, they STILL would not process the claim until they spoke to the witness. How ridiculous. They wouldn't take the police report as evidence? The witness's testimony is more important than an police accident expert? My husband solely dealt with them, and he played hardball. He told them we wouldn't pay the towing or storage fees, that getting it to the shop was THEIR problem, and finally State Farm saw he wasn't going to be pushed around by them. Finally after 2 months the car was suddenly in a shop and fixed, and we received a check to cover the rental that was bleeding us dry for 2 months.

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