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Rates Raised - State Farm Review

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State Farm

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State Farm

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I have been with State Farm Insurance since 1979. At one time I was collecting classic cars and had 5 cars insured with them. Last month a car ahead of me in the next lane kicked up a large semi-truck tire which flew in the air and then hit the front spoiler area and completely took it out along with the turbo-charger intercooler, etc. Needless to say the repairs were $3000.00. I submitted my claim to State Farm and they promptly took care of the problem to my satisfaction. Then when it came time to pay the deductible I was informed that State Farm had charged the accident to me as a collision and that it would go against my driving record AND they raised my premium! I argued with them regarding their considering the accident as chargeable to me. I was told that the tire had flown up hit the ground in front of my car and then I hit the tire tread! Of course there was no where for me to go in the lane but over the tread... Thus the higher deductible and the ding on my driving record and the HUGE increase in my insurance premium... I am cancelling and changing to another company today! They have taken my money since 1979 yet the minute I have to use them... first time... They have no loyalty to me. So good bye State Farm Insurance...

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  • 2.4 overall rating

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