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Bait and Switch, Poor Service - State Farm Review

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State Farm

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State Farm

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Bait and Switch, Poor Service

We signed up with state farm because of the savings we were supposed to get by switching. After the first six months the policy amount increased slightly but since we had it going through our bank account for monthly payment my husband didn't really pay attention. We are up for renewal again and find that it is now almost a $25 a month increase. That's almost $300 a year. We both are good drivers and have not had any accidents, so I called the agent that we signed up with to ask why. All she could come up with was "cost of living" being a factor for the higher rate and kept trying to explain "how the stores raise the cost of a loaf of bread" as an example. She also alluded that you pay for quality. At that point I told her about my husband being stuck out in the cold for over an hour waiting for assistance (that never showed up) after his truck wouldn't shift into drive. My neighbor had to drive the truck home in reverse driving between my son and my husband driving my neighbor's car. She then became more concerned about the company being billed for the service more than the complete lack of service we received. when I called her out on that she said she would call me back. She did call back that evening to tell me she hadn't heard back from whomever she needed to talk to. After waiting all the next day I tried contacting her the following day. I was told that she was with a client so I asked that she return my call when available. I still have not heard from her.

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