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Threw Me Under the Bus - State Farm Review

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State Farm

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State Farm

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Threw Me Under the Bus

I had State Farm auto for 8 years. Sterling driving record, and no claims except for the minor damage that occured when I was stopped for a light, and a deer ran into the side of the car. I carried full coverage at high limits, medical payments, and rental insurance coverage. In \'95 a drunk passed out, veered into my lane, and hit me head on. Both cars were totalled and I was lucky to be alive. Though buckled up and protected by airbags, I was heavily bruised had wiplash, and suffered from vision backouts for weeks. The drunk\'s car was littered with empty beer cans and never sustained any injuries. A repeat offender, the police report declared the drunk 100% responsible. I filed a report with my insurance agent next morning. He, and State Farm refused to accept or process my claim. They refused me medical payments, or help me with the cost of a rental car to get to work. They claimed (falsely) that I had waived my right to a claim. (Why would I do that?) They even re-wrote my policy retroactively to exclude the specific set of circumstances of my accident!! I tried to fight State Farm but I got nowhere. No one in the area was willing to take them on. The drunk was back on the road with a new sports car in ONE week. Sensing that State Farm had \"thrown me under the bus\", the drunk\'s company (Hartford) refused to send out an adjuster to the wrecker\'s yard, where my totalled car sat. It was SIX weeks before they sent an adjuster and settled, and then they only gave me about 60% of the LOW BLUE BOOK for my previously immaculate car. They said they could do this because they were following their own \"book\", which said my car was \"unpopular\"! They allowed me a couple weeks of my rental costs. (Which should have been paid in full by State Farm), and no payments for my medical problems. Apparently the drunk had friends in high places. The drunk never even apologized for all the grief he brought into my life.

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