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Hit skipped and had to sue company - State Farm Review

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State Farm

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State Farm

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hit skipped and had to sue company

I signed up for State Farm because they have low rates and had had them for years without any claim, but God forbid that you have a claim with them. I was rear ended and hit skipped. First, I was treated like a total criminal. The adjusters that I talked to on the phone were totally nasty to me. They kept interrogating me even though there was a police report, a police officer witness and supporting damage. They would not do anything once I told them that I did not have any medical bills; I just wanted them to pay for the damage to the vehicle ($400 and some dollars). I could have gone for treatment just to get some kind of settlement, but I am not that kind of person. I could not get anyone to talk to me or return my calls about fixing my car or getting my deductible back. I had to take them to court over just a couple of hundred dollars. It is just despicable how I was treated. I imagine that the people who love State Farm have never had a claim. Also I can't write a review on their site because I no longer have a policy with them. I know of quite a few people that I have talked to since who were fine with State Farm until they had a claim too. I hope that no one has to experience this. It is just not right to treat people so badly--especially when they have just had something bad happen to them.

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