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Unfair - State Farm Review

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State Farm

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State Farm

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After getting into an accident I was expecting to be covered by State Farm Insurance. Boy was I wrong! The insurance adjuster showed up at my house with a nasty attitude and when he did the estimate he really did a whooper of a job! I had my own estimate conducted and the damages to more car was around $1200.00 bucks. I nearly fell over when I found out state Farm adjuster had said I only had about $350.00 in damages! What's worse is that State Farm told me that was all I was getting and that they believed the adjuster's estimate was fair! When I demanded to know how the estimates could have such a variance the rep at State Farm's told me that my estimate was over-blown and incorrect! I was furious - the money they were giving me wasn't going to pay for the damages and I was going to have to dig into my wallet to pay the rest!

1.0 Coverage
2.0 Cost
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State Farm Ratings

  • 2.8 coverage
  • 2.6 cost
  • 2.2 service
  • 2.0 claims
  • 2.4 overall rating

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