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Claim Denied - State Farm Review

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State Farm

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Claim Denied

My claim was just denied for a plumbing leak under my foundation. The leak was traced to a sewer line under the toilet in the middle of my house. I noticed something wrong when I started seeing cracks in the sheet rock in the area of the bathroom, and halls nearby. I called a foundation company to inspect the damage thinking it was a foundation problem, but the engineer told me it was the result of a water leak under the foundation, and once it is repaired, the cracks will close back up. I contacted my State Farm agent with the problem and opened a claim. The adjuster was a very poor example of what an adjuster should be, and didn't even show as he was said he would do when the plumbers arrived. All throughout the process (a couple of months) he was pretty useless. In talking to my neighbor, he informed me he had been a State Farm customer for years, the same thing happened to him, and his claim was denied as well, but ended up taking them to arbitration, and won. Immediately after that, he dumped State Farm. He told me they would deny my claim as well, but I found it hard to believe since I had been a customer for over 30 years with State Farm. Well, he was right, and the engineer was right. The cracks have closed back after the leak was fixed as the engineer said, and State Farm denied my claim as my neighbor said they would. Just last week, I received the denial letter in the mail. The adjuster failed to call me prior to that as he said he would do. I told him I would be out of town and specifically told him to call my cell phone, which he never did. Instead, I returned home only to find the denial letter. I called my agent, who also failed to return my call as she said she would. It was very clear to me that I had become just another number with State Farm. As a result, I just dumped ALL my business with State Farm, and will do all in my power to persuade others to leave State Farm, and spread the word to those looking for coverage, to go elsewhere. I am a business professional, and thought they were a professional company, but found I was wrong.

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