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SelectHealth Health Insurance

SelectHealth Health Insurance was originally known as IHC Health Plans. They are a subsidiary of Intermountain Healthcare, and have been selling high quality health insurance products to their clients for over twenty five years. SelectHealth Health Insurance have a strong reputation for top notch service, high quality products and easy to access health care.

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Set up as a non-profit organisation SelectHealth Health Insurance is available to customers who live and work in Idaho and Utah. SelectHealth Health Insurance are recognised across the country as being a company that works hard to make sure that its members have access to high quality, economical healthcare that is supported by excellent customer service. SelectHealth Health Insurance cares about its clients and gives them the respect, top notch service and affordable prices that fit their needs.

SelectHealth Health Insurance was the first commercial health insurance company in Utah to receive a rating of “Excellent” from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

SelectHealth Health Insurance has a wide variety of programs to choose from. Their products include insurance for families and individuals who are not covered by employer health insurance plans or who have needs that are different from what their employer’s plan offers.

There are many different SelectHealth Health Insurance individual plans to choose from. They include: a standard HMO program and a High Deductible Health Plan that is meant to be run in concert with a Health Savings Account. The SelectHealth Health Insurance for individuals also provide a point of service or “plus” option, which means that customers can make the choice to use either network or non-network health care providers.

SelectHealth Health Insurance offers its SelectValue network which gives its customers a choice of 19 network hospitals and more than 1,100 physicians. The SelectHealth Health Insurance plans also offer the SelectMed network with gives its clients the choice of 28 network hospitals and more than 3,000 doctors.

Additionally, SelectHealth Health Insurance offers the SelectCare network which gives clients access to 34 network hospitals and more than 3,700 doctors. The point of service option is available to all customers who subscribe to either the SelectMed or SelectCare plans.

SelectHealth Health Insurance plan members can pick between the HMO/Plus and the HealthSave plan options. The HMO/Plus plan offers deductibles that start at as little as $250 per year. There are multiple co-pay and co-insurance options that you can pick between. Standard benefits for the SelectHealth Health Insurance HMO/Plus plan are 100% covered and include all paediatric and adult immunizations. Generic drug prescriptions can be as low as $30 for a 30 day supply depending on which plan you join.

Deductibles for the SelectHealth Health Insurance HealthSave plan run between $1,500 for individual customers to $3,000 for families. When you use the SelectHealth Health Insurance HealthSave plan in concert with a Health Savings Account the plan offers a high deductible option.

The SelectHealth Health Insurance HSA is a heath care savings account that offers great tax advantages. Members contribute directly to their HSA and the funds are used to cover their medical expense on a pre-tax basis.

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SelectHealth Health Insurance

Rating 0

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Nov 25, 2014 by Anonymous

you can get a insurance picoly from some insurance companies. it is a non owner insurance picoly. it should cover you in any vehicle that is borrowed or rented. the insurance company we have told us we could do this but it cost more than having a car on the picoly. you should call an insurance company and ask them about it.

No Prescription Coverage

Oct 31, 2012 by Anonymous

Our company decided to start carrying Select Health as our employee health insurance. They stopped covering one of my prescriptions. Because of this I ended up in the hospital. They offer no options for prescriptions and charge you the full retail rate; no discount.

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