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Stay away not worth it - SafeCo Review

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Stay away not worth it

I had some damages inside the cab of my truck brought it to the attention of my Ins. Rep who recommended I make a claim to be on the safe side as I do have full coverage. The adjusters and claim rep couldn't figure out times and pushed my estimate review out almost 3 weeks past the claim date. This seems to be more of a tactic then an actual miss communication seeing if you will forget your story or just drop the claim. Communication was horrible between the adjuster, rep, and keeping me in the loop to view my vehicle. The call center when I made the claim hire people who have no clue on what they are doing and who won’t communicate anything you say to the claim rep. Claim rep finally contacts me and I explain what happened thinking it would barely go over my 500 deductible. The guy comes out to my house reviews my account and again what I sent in for the claim does not match what he has in his system. I explain the incident again for the fifth time to a third person and let him do his thing. Well it then turns out I have 4500 in water damages to the interior and seating and he submits my adjustments to the claim rep who is a bit hard to get a hold when you need him. I Get a phone call 24 hours later from the Claims Rep who is all eager to be contacted and have a conversation explaining that my claim might not be covered… even though the original claim I submitted wasn’t even close to what their own adjusters had found but said it was covered and said “good thing you made the claim.” My adjuster was cool, knew his stuff, very polite, the claims rep was clueless to half of what I have explained to him several times in the previous phone calls, now asking me to give a verbal statement on a recorded phone call as he forgot to write down and save our previous conversations… His words not mine. Stay away from this company, they have no clue on what they are doing w/ your claim and seem to play the run around game. My Claims rep gave me no ETA when a decision will be made and yet I have to leave my vehicle as is incase another person needs to do an overview of their first adjusters estimate. Full coverage not worth it and hidden clauses in the contract that will prevent claims for being paid is what this is turning out to be, even better you will be left in the dark unless you constantly blow up your claims rep voicemail. GO WITH SOME OTHER COMPANY !!!!!

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