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SafeCo Unfair and Distrustful - SafeCo Review

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SafeCo Unfair and Distrustful

After reading everyone's review's I know I'm not the only that they are taking advantage of or least trying to. I am overwhelmed with the knowledge that SafeCo is a rip off and has caused so much stress and aggravation to people who only want to have their cars fixed after being hit by a SafeCo driver. I live in Texas and SafeCo has been giving me the go around from day one. My daughter was driving my car and was hit by a SafeCo drive coming out of a mini mall parking lot. Shot across three lanes to hit her. Now they are telling me that my daughter is 20% responsible. According to the police and their report only one person was responsible for this accident and it wasn't my daughter. Safeco has yet to send an agent out to take photo's and do an assessment on the damage because they say the are allowed to into where the car is impounded. I contacted my insurance agent and was informed that they should have already done that and yes they can go in and take the photo's and assessment. Received an email today saying they can't proceed until we provide that information. Hmmmm I can't make an assessment, the car was impounded because it can't be driven. These people are cheaters, liars, and will do anything not to pay 100% of the damages. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm not going to take this sitting down. If I have to bring attorney into this, then I will do that. Companies like should not be allowed to operate any where. Shame on you Safeco. I do know this I would never work for a company like Safeco. As they say what goes around, comes around and from everything I have beem reading on many complaint forums regarding Safeco their comupings will be happening soon.

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