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Very Rude Adjuster - SafeCo Review

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Very Rude Adjuster

I was backed into by a person who had SafeCo insurance. My adjuster and the entire experience was awful. The adjuster was so rude, unprofessional, and tried to ask me leading questions (IE: Did you see him backing into you?). Also, she called me a liar and laughed about the situation. I felt like she had no care or concern to help me whatsoever. Even getting a rental car was a pain because it took days for them to accept liability when the case was obvious that it was 100% their client\'s fault. They claimed she was out of the office due to weather and that was why it was taking so long, however the rental car company had no problem getting in touch with her office. I have never dealt with such a rude adjustor or shady company before. I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth concerning SafeCo.

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